Thursday, December 19, 2013

In Brazil

So, yes. I am in Brazil. My area is in the city of Uruguaiana (I didn´t know it was legal to put that many vowels in a word). It´s on the boarder of Argentina, and I´m gonna go check out Argentina today! Pretty cool, huh? 

My companion is Elder Martins, from Natal, Brazil. He speaks no english. We share an apartment with 2 other Elders; Elder Allen and Elder Oliveira. Elder Allen is from Springfield, Virginia (Woot! Woot!) and Elder Oliveira is from Sao Paulo. 

Its flipping hot. It feels like a Virginia summer. I sleep with no blanket or anything with a fan blasting on me. As for the bugs, the only ones I´ve seen are Volkswagens. Seriously, like every other car is a Volkswagen bug. But theres not a lot of cars anyway. People drive motorcylces, ride bikes, ride horses, and horse n buggies, and walk. 

The church building is beautiful and there are 4 chapels in the city. The streets are roamed by wild dogs, wild cats, and wild horses. I´m scared of the horses. I don´t understand a thing that is going on. The people down here, the Gauchos, speak SO FAST and they blurb all their words together. It is so tough to understand, but I´ll get there. Elder Allen told me that the language is even worse here in Uruguaiana, so it´s harder to understand. He speaks really well. 

The food rocks. So, I flew from Atlanta to Sao Paulo, but our flight left a little later, so we missed our flight to Porto Alegre, and then our flight to Santa Maria. So we got another flight to Porto Alegre, and then a 5 hour bus ride to Santa Maria. Then we stayed in a Hotel in Santa Maria because we arrived pretty late. I got my own room with a king sized bed. It rocked. Then the next day we walked around Santa Maria, recieved our companions, did visa stuff, ate lunch with President Parrela, and stuff like that. Then we stayed in the hotel again. I also got the same room again (oh yeah). Then the next day, I left with Elder Martins to Uruguaiana. It was a 7 hour bus ride from Santa Maria to my city. Woohoo. 

The work is extremely different down here. It´s hard to do anything because I don´t understand anyone. But it is my first week, so I didn´t expect to understand anyone anyways. I feel like I can say what I want, but I don´t know what people are saying to me. I do understand Elder Martins though, so he normally repeats what people say so I can get it. People here always talk about my blue eyes. They think they are so cool, haha. It´s funny. 

So, people either pronounce `Hintze` perfectly, or they cannot say it at all. I was called Elder Hitler yesterday. Anyways, this is the hardest thing I have ever done, and sometimes I wish I were back in Georgia. But Brazil is super cool. I love you guys so much and I miss you all a lot! Choose the right and stuff!

Love Elder Hintze

Friday, December 6, 2013

Last Week in the U.S.

Well, this is my last week in the US for awhile! I just found out that I fly to Brazil with Elder Charles, who is going to Sao Paulo East Brazil. So I'll lose him in Sao Paulo when I fly from Sao Paulo to Santa Maria. It used to be that I fly to SP and the Porto Alegre, and then a 5 hour bus ride to Santa Maria, but the SM Airport just opened, so I get to fly down there. I can't tell if this week is gonna go by really fast or really slow...but I am super excited to be headed to Brazil! 

So I served in the Collin's Hill Ward last transfer with Elder MacDonald and Elder Rodrigues. The only set of Elders in the Ward were Elder Calkins and Elder Schmidt. Well, I've been reassigned to the Northpoint Singles Ward. And my companions are Elder Calkins (yes, the same one I was just with for 10 weeks) and Elder Thomas. Elder Thomas was friends with Francesca back in Utah! He used to hang out with her! It's kinda funny. This is his last transfer, so he goes home in January. But I'll be gone. 

Thanksgiving was cool. I got transferred the day before, so I got to spend thanksgiving with a family that I don't know! It wasn't as weird as you think...just another day of missionary work! We spent it with the Mack family. Jenn Mack and Justin Mack are both return missionaries and their both in our singles ward, and their parents are super cool. Jenn served in Nevada and Justin served in Phoenix Arizona Spanish Speaking with Elder Alex Janzen! How crazy is that? Justin just got back a month ago, and he is super cool. Jenn's been home for a while, but there is another Mack out on a mission in the Philippines! He has some cool stories from the storm. It's cool how all the missionaries survived that. How is Jeff doing? I haven't heard about him yet. 

On Saturday, every missionary who had a baptism in November got to go to the Temple. While I was in the Temple, I met a guy who said he had a mission companion in Denmark with the last name Hintze, so I said my Pa and his brother both served in Denmark. His name is Don Jensen, and I emailed Pa about it. That would be cool if he was Pa's companion! 

The temple was super cool, and while I was there, I was thinking about Brazil. Well, a distinct voice came into my head that said, "You will be fine in Brazil". So, I can't wait to be fine! Haha! But I am so excited! I leave Georgia in the Winter, and arrive in Brazil in the Summer! CRAZY. But I also leave next Monday night and arrive Tuesday morning...Man...a lot of flying. 

I've had a ton of fun this week though! Since I'm in a YSA ward now, we only tract apartment complexes. It makes me think of dad on his mission. I feel like I'm doing the same thing he did! Oh! Speaking of, we tracted into a photographer for National Geographic! I thought of dad, and how good he would be at that. Anyways, this week has been super fun. 

When we're out, I just wanna talk to everyone! It's super easy once you open your mouth. But you've just gotta open you're mouth. As members, the best thing you can do for missionary work is to open your mouth and talk with people. Talk with everyone that you can about the church. Plant those seeds! And get to work! Missionaries aren't the only ones on missions! The purpose of a missionary is to teach. The purpose of a member is to get people to teach. Seriously, though. Do it. Everyone needs to hear that they are worth something and that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them. It is all of our responsibility to make sure people know that. So get to work people! The work is hastening! 

Well, I love you all so much! I hope ya'll have a fabulous week. PEACE OUT!

Elder Hintze


Monday, November 25, 2013


I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I leave to Brazil on December 10th!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! 

So the baptism was great! So many members showed up to support Ryszard and it was awesome. Ryszard was already being a missionary! He brought a bunch of friends to the baptism and we got a bunch of return appointments! It was an exciting week! When Ryszard was baptized, the Spirit filled the room so much and it was amazing. It was cool that the visitors had that opportunity to feel the Spirit. 

I think the Lord was preparing me to get my visa these past couple of weeks. A few weeks ago, I got to go to lunch with a guy who recently returned from a mission in Brazil and we talked for an hour, just having a conversation in Portuguese. And then, this last Friday, I got to teach my first lesson in Portuguese!!! 

So in the area next to ours, there was a referral for a family that spoke Portuguese, so the missionaries in that area told the Spanish missionaries for our zone, which one of the missionaries is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. His name is Elder Moraes. So Elder Moraes and I are pretty good friends, so he called me, and we got permission from the Zone Leaders to visit this family. So on Friday, my companions dropped us off, and we knocked on the door. The wife and husband came and talked to us, and then we ended up talking Portuguese. But since I was the only one not fluent, I was a little quiet. I understood pretty much everything, which was funny when the wife said something along the lines of: "so he doesn't speak Portuguese?" so I responded "Oh, I speak Portuguese". It was really funny. But we had a good conversation for a really long time and then got a return appointment for Wednesday. But the Spanish missionaries will have to go because I just found out about transfers! Just right now! 

I'm going to North Point YSA with Elder Calkins (one of the Elders in my area now) and Elder Thomas. I think thats the area with Kevin Tie! Anyways, I am excited! The Portuguese Speaking Elders are in my district over there, and Elder Moraes just got transferred to the Portuguese Branch! Anyways, a lot of news. A lot of change. I am so excited though! So all day tomorrow I will be packing. 

Anyways, I've gotta go right now, but I'll see if I can email a bit later. Okay, I love you all! This church is true!

Elder Hintze

Monday, November 18, 2013

Good News


Last Sunday, we invited him to be baptized on the 23rd of November, but he declined and said he'd have a date in December...but yesterday he told us he wants to be baptized this Saturday! He thought that he had to pay to get baptized, but once a member cleared that up for him, he was so excited and happy to be baptized. In his Polish accent, he keeps saying "I got to keep the fire burning!" It's AWESOME! So on Saturday is his baptism. He's such a humble and faithful person. I really admire that about him. He's such a good guy. Anywho, that is super exciting! I am so happy for him! If you don't remember, Ryzshard is the big Polish guy who swam 10+ hours in the ocean to escape from communism. Theres a whole lot more to his story, but I'll just tell you when I come home ;). He's such a magnificent and amazing guy. His story is awesome. 

Besides that exciting news, this week has been kind of slow. Not much happened. We got this Egyptian family an Arabic Book of Mormon, but we haven't been able to get it to them yet. 

Oh! funny story. After I was done emailing you guys on Wednesday at the Library, we ran into Dusty Cash, one of our investigators that we had an appointment with on Friday. Well, we said hey and talked for a bit and then left. Then,on Thursday, after tracting, we asked Elder Rodrigues what he felt like we should do. And he said "lets go get ice cream." and then he said "actually, let's go get some drinks". So we went to get some drinks. Well, at the gas station he chose to go to, we ran into Dusty again! It was funny! So then I told Elder Rodrigues "Well, I guess that means we have to get ice cream too" since everything he has us to leads us to something good. Well we decided to go get ice cream. Even though it was freezing cold. Well, at the ice cream place, the girl that worked there said "hey! I saw you guys last week!" but we had no clue what she was talking about. Well, we asked her a bunch of questions to figure it out, and we concluded that she was hanging out with the son of the Egyptian family when we were there on Sunday! And she recognized us! We had a good conversation, got some ice cream, and went off to dinner. But moral of the story is, Elder Rodrigues is an inspired man. 

Another funny story that the other Elders in the ward of there investigators is from Taiwan and he speaks limited english, but he's an awesome guy. He comes and plays basketball with us every P-day, and he's really really good. Anyways, apparently, Kevin just realized that the Book of Mormon is actually a record and a real story! He thought it was a fairy tale! haha. Anyways....I love you all and miss you all a ton! I know that his gospel is true, and that it truly is the Lord's church. God truly loves each and every one of us, and I am so grateful for that. I love you all, and hope you all have an awesome week!

Choose the right! and read Mosiah 2
Elder Hintze

Here are some pictures from the week

Top of Stone Mountain
L to R
Elder Schmidt, Elder MacDonald (shadow on his face), Elder Rodrigues, Elder Blair (in green), Elder Calkins, and at the bottom, my handsome self...We're wearing shirts we made with the Zone Leaders faces on them..haha It was so fun!

We made Zone Leader T-Shirts and here we are showing them off!

Me and my companion on the Top of Stone Mountain!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov. 4, 2013 - 3 MONTH MARK

Well, my 3 month mark is coming up this week! It's crazy to think that time's flown by so fast! I am so grateful to be out here on a mission and serving the Lord! So many cool experiences happen. 

This week was pretty average. On Halloween, we did service at the Brady's all day, doing yard work and moving furniture. Then, our mission president said we had to be in our apartment by 6PM, so we showed up at our dinner appointment at 5:30, ate a bowl of chili, and left. 

Since we had absolutely nothing to do in our apartment, I took down all the furniture and built a fort. It was awesome, and it stayed up until last night. 

But the rest of that night, I just stayed up and started teaching myself German. A guy in a bordering ward who speaks German keeps sending me these lessons and they're super awesome/helpful/easy to understand. So that's pretty cool.  Friday, we did more service, and taught a guy named Jonathon. He's from Peru, and he's really cool. We were able to answer his questions, but when we asked him to pray, he just said "well, I don't pray". We tried to find out why, but he said he just stopped and he doesn't pray, and probably won't. So Elder MacDonald did a really good job at explaining the importance of prayer, but he was still being really stubborn. Without being pushy, we got him to agree to try to pray. So hopefully that works out. It was really weird, but it really helped me understand the importance of having that connection with our Father in Heaven. It's also cool that we are able to do that. We get to have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe. That's always amazed me, and I don't think I'll ever fully understand it. So the true purpose of it is, if you ever want truth, turn to the creator of all truth, and "by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things." (Moroni 10:5) God will reveal the truth to us if we ask with a sincere heart. I just think that's amazing. 

Anyways, on Saturday...I actually have no clue what happened on Saturday. I forget what happens half the time. Oh! I just remembered. We tracked for, like, 3 hours straight. We realized that the neighborhood that we were tracking was just tracked by the Jehovah's Witnesses. (There are A LOT of them out here). So a lot of people were kind of annoyed, but we also met some really cool people. This one guy came and talked with us out on his porch, and told us that his wife had just suffered a stroke and couldn't walk and his life has been really hard. So he asked if we could say a pray right now for his wife. We offered a prayed, and the Spirit filled that porch step. It was super cool. We didn't get a return appointment, but he was really nice. And just the fact that he has the opportunity to feel the Spirit was enough for us to plant that seed. That's really what we do when we tract is plant those seeds. It's normally a really fun experience to tract. I really enjoy it, and really like talking and meeting new people.  

On Sunday, church was awesome. Ryszard came, but Peter didn't since his mom won't let him. So he stayed at the Christensen's house until we could come over after church and teach them. We showed Ryszard and Peter the Restoration video, and taught about the Restoration. It was cool, and you can tell that they believe. I also found out that Ryszard is fluent in Russian, Ukranian, and kind of German. When he was forced into the communist army, they made him learn all those. He's super awesome. After that, we went tracking in a small neighborhood and wow...let me just tell you. I do not like white people (insert people filled with EGO). This neighborhood was full of every race, but white people. And we got 5 return appointments! If you didn't know, that is pretty good for one day, let alone 2 hours in 1 neighborhood. So that was awesome. White (EGO) people are always rude, but everyone else ROCKS! So I love you all and I am so happy that I am on a mission! I love all you guys, so choose the right and stuff!

See ya
Elder Hintze

Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct. 28, 2013 - No Visa Yet

Well, I haven't gotten my visa yet, but I feel it coming soon...I hope. 

A lot of cool stuff has happened this last week. Elder Oaks came and talked to the Georgia Atlanta and the Georgia Atlanta North missions, and I got to shake his hand! It was awesome! He didn't prepare a talk, he just spoke by the spirit, but it was super cool. He gave 10 Attributes that a missionary should come home with, but I left that in my journal in the apartment so I'll send those to you next week. It was truly amazing and you could really fell the Spirit there. That was on Saturday. 

On Friday, we did service for the Brady family all day. That was fun. Their family is super super super cool. They are seriously just like family. Sister Brady is just like mom...super into health stuff and natural things. She actually bought moms book. But all the kids play music and they are super talented. They have 7 kids, and their house is always a party. Whenever we visit, it's like visiting cousins, I feel like. And they like us so much that they signed up every week to feed we're there a lot. But they are way fun. 

On Thursday, there was this huge Emergency Preparedness summit by the Red Cross hosted by the church at the Stake Center. So all the missionaries in our zone went over and catered/greeted/directed traffic/served lunch...and all that stuff that is required at events like that. It was super fun because a lot of people from different religions were showing up at our Stake Center and being greeted by us missionaries. It was awesome. We met a lot of cool people and made a lot of cool friends. But the mornings are super cold here. I don't know why, but it's been extra cold down here. 

So extra thanks goes to dad for sending me those sweaters. Thank you! We invited our investigators, the Polish guy and his son, to prepare for baptism, and they want to! Richard (actually spelled Ryszard and pronounced Rih-shard) can be baptized, but Peter's mom won't let him because she's against the church. But we'll see how that goes. Please pray for them. They need it. 

Our other progressing investigators, Jared and Sarah, who's mom is a member, seem to be good. We haven't visited them in a while since Sister Oliver has been sick. But they are super awesome. 

There is always so much to send home. I obviously can't send everything, but I can send home my testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. I know this gospel is true. That is a simple, commonly stated phrase, yet it expresses the truth. I know this gospel is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He puts us in the right places we need to be at the right times. When you're having a tough time, and you know you followed the Lord, don't get discouraged. He has put you there because he knows you can do it. He knows what you are capable of more than you are, and he will give you the strength and desire to continue onward. To quote the wonderful words of the famous Kathryn Hintze, "When things get tough, remember Abinidi. Remember Joseph Smith. Remember the Pioneers." Katie put that in a letter that she left in my suitcase. The only thing I would add to that is Remember the Savior. Whenever things are tough, remember that there is someone who knows exactly what you're going through and exactly how to help you. You just need to chose to turn to him. This gospel is true, and I hold that declaration dear to my heart. If you don't know that for yourself yet, you can. Turn your heart to the Lord, and let him guide. I love you all so much, and I am so happy that I am a missionary! I hope everything is going well in London! 

Choose the right and follow the light
-Elder Hintze

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct. 21, 2013 - It's getting cold!!!

So the mornings and the evenings are getting kinda chilly here in GA. I like the cold, so I'm enjoying it. It really isn't that cold, but it's getting there. 

We've been teaching a part member family and the kids wanna get baptized, so we're gonna set up a date this week. Also, the giant Polish guy who has that amazing escape story? He's been to church 5 weeks in a row. He's super cool, and as soon as we start teaching him, we're gonna try to set up a baptismal date. It's hard to teach him since he lives outside our area, but he wants us to teach him. And his son lives in our ward boundaries so he wants to go to church with his son (about 14) who's probably gonna get baptized too! He used to be a chef for the Communist Army, and so he's cooking for the scouts this Wednesday. We're gonna stop by and see if we can teach him then. 

So Elder Snow from the MTC got his visa! He's from Virginia, and he leaves at the end of the month. And I signed some more visa papers on Saturday, so I think my visa is going through. But if by the time Elder Snow leaves, and I don't have my visa, there will be a spot open in the Portuguese maybe I'll get transferred there ;)...but hopefully my visa comes through. 

So our ward has 8 missionaries in it! One set of Elders, one trio of Elders, and now, a trio of Sisters! Two of the sisters just came in last week, so they're being trained by a sister from Tahiti named Sister Paepaetata. She is super cool, and she's helping me with my French! She's gonna give me a Preach My Gospel in French. There's a couple in our ward who both served missions in France, so he started printing me out lessons. It's pretty fun. 

I can't really think of anything else that's going on, but I love you guys! I hope everything is super fun in London. Continue to choose the right! I love you guys!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct. 14 - Transfers

Well, I have officially been in Georgia for a month on Wednesday! It's crazy how fast it's going! This Wednesday is transfers, and I'm not going anywhere. Elder MacDonald became district leader, and our old District Leader is leaving. His name is Elder Winter, and we became pretty good friends. 

So some cool news. The Brady Family, which are super cool and have guitars and have us over every week for dinner, the mom just bought mom's book! She said she got a signed copy too! I never told her about your book either. She just found it and bought it. Pretty cool. 

Another cool thing, but my mission president is President Mark Wolfert. Apparently he helped build DoTerra or something, so they give oils out to all the missionaries. I've known about this since I got here, but I just forgot to mention it. 

There is also a family , the Torrez family, that are obsessed with Nertz. So they invited us over and had a nertz competition...because apparently no one can beat their family. Well...Guess who won the Nertz competition? Yeah thats right...Elder Hintze is the Atlanta Georgia North Nertz Champion. So I do feel very at home here, but the longer I'm here, the more I want to be in Brazil. There were 10 visa waiters who came out with me. 9 to Brazil and 1 to Kenya. Well, the Kenya Elder got his visa, so I wonder if the visa process is going or if that even affects me at all. 

Anyways, this week has been a lot of tracting. We met a lot of interesting people. I saw this one guy on the street and asked him "Hey whats up?" and he asked what we were doing and we said we're just out sharing a message about Jesus Christ. He then said, "Oh , I am pretty set in my religious beliefs. I worship Moloch the Sumarian God...Actually, I've been looking for a goat to sacrifice. Do you know where I can get one?" Well, he put on a pretty good show, but I could tell he was kidding, so I just started asking him questions we ask people but substituting in Moloch. For example, I asked him how he came to find his faith in Moloch. Anyways, it was super funny. But yeah, there are some weird people out here. And some really awesome people, too. 

As far as our other investigators, none came to church because Richard and Peter had a Tai Kwon Do tournament. But we are teaching this lady named Pat. She's pretty old, but she's nice. She's been reading the Book of Mormon, so that's good. But it's been fun. I love this work and I love being a missionary! It's such an awesome experience! 

I am so grateful for you guys and I love you all! Good luck in London! I'll try to get more pictures in next week, but I hope Mike has an amazing birthday. And Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Chase! I hope he had an awesome birthday. Okay, well, I gotta go, so I love you all! Boa Sorte!

Elder HIntze

Friday, September 13, 2013

Last Few Days in the MTC!


Well, for everyone who doesn't know, my visa hasn't come in, so I have been reassigned to the Georgia Atlanta North Mission until my visa arrives! I know the Lord was preparing me for Georgia after a few cool experiences. 

1. My new teacher, Brother McGill, went to Brazil on his mission, but his visa didn't come so he got temporarily reassigned to Georgia (a different mission than me, though)
2. My old teacher, Sister Pettita, is from Georgia, where I am serving
3.  My companion, Elder Bohn, is from Marietta, Georgia, the heart of Georgia Atlanta North
4. I've been preparing by playing that Georgia Baseball

Pretty crazy! Another cool thing about my mission is that there are some Portuguese-speaking branches! So I may get to use my almost-Portuguese sometimes! I am so excited! Although, I have found that my Portuguese is not very good. There is a sister here from Brazil going to London Central (Look out for her! Sister Carvalho!) and I tried to speak in Portuguese with her. I understood a lot but I was so confused when she kept saying "Londrinas". It totally threw me off. But that means London so I eventually figured it out. I then told her: "Eu nao fala bom em Portuguese com outros, mas eu posso dar um magnifico licao em o Palavra de Sabadoria"
(I do not speak good Portuguese with others, but I can give one magnificent lesson on the Word of Wisdom)

We're so cool, chillin' in the refrigerator!

So no worries. For lessons, I am good. For conversation...not so much. But I do understand a heck of a lot more Spanish. Elder Snow got his degree in Spanish and then lived in Spain for 5 months on study abroad, so he is definitely fluent. So there are two elders here, Elder Jimenez (from Peru) and Elder Fuentes (from Ecuador), going to the Provo Utah Mission, and they just love us so much. They come and hang out with us all the time. We've all become pretty good friends. They normally follow us to our residence and hang out after class. When they're in our room, we speak to each other in Porto-Spanglish. A mix of Portuguese, Spanish, and English. It gets pretty funny, but it's totally awesome. I'm gonna miss those guys. Another thing that Elder Jimenez started was, when something is awesome, saying: "Ohhhh siiiiiiiiiiiii" which means "Ohhhh yeaaahhh" 

So here are all the reassignments of my district:
Me: Georgia Atlanta North
Elder Snow: Georgia Atlanta North
Elder Bohn: Tuscon Arizona
Elder Nash: Fort Worth Texas
Elder Knowles: Georgia Atlanta North (I had a feeling him and I would go to the same place)
Elder Farnsworth: Georgia Atlanta North
Elder Johnson: Fort Worth Texas
Sister Williams: Bllings Montana (where her sister served her mission; pretty cool)
Sister Shumway: New York New York South
Everyone else got their visas. 

Getting ready to go into the field!

I am so happy to be going to Georgia! You have no clue how excited I am! Mostly because I may be getting Chik-Fil-A (ohhhh siiiiiiiii). Elder Bohn says the North side of Georgia is better, so I am pumped about that.
 I had such a busy week with preparing to leave and In-Field Orientation that I haven't been able to really write anyone letters. I am really sorry, but whenever I even had a fragment of time, it was out in like 2 seconds. I have been really busy this week, but there are letters on their way today!

I leave Monday, early, so today is the last day for anyone to send me DearElders. Thanks everyone for the many birthday packages which I received! My birthday was incredible! I threw myself 2 parties. 

Elder Fuentes with my Birthday Balloons!

During church on Sunday, one of the members of our branch presidency gave an incredible talk on faith and he made on of my very favorite analogies. He quoted the scripture: "Faith without works is dead, being alone" and then he said this. Faith and works is like a row boat. One paddle is faith. And one paddle is works. Without the other, you're just going to be paddling in circles. And without either, you're going to sit and nothing will happen. It's important to have faith. But it is more important to exercise that faith through your actions. Faith without works is dead. And what is the first principle of the Gospel? Faith?...Nope. The first principle of the Gospel is Faith in Jesus Christ. So we need to have our faith in him, and our actions reflect that faith in him. I know this church is true, and I know that as we have faith in Christ, and trust in him, all will work out, according to the will of the Lord. This church is true and the Book of Mormon is true. I testify of its power, and I will never deny it. If you haven't read it, read it. Open up a copy and get to work. Have faith that you will find the answers that your soul yearns for, and let your faith be reflected through your diligent reading and studying of it. I know it is true, and through the Book of Mormon and the Bible, we have the fullness of the Gospel restore on the earth today. I know it. I love you guys so much and I am so grateful to be out here serving the Lord. He needs me in Georgia right now. So I will go serve him there until he needs me in Brazil. 

I love you guys a ton, and good luck in London! The Lord has some mighty plans for you guys! Go rock that UK. 

Temporary Reassignment

When Missionaries have completed their time at the Missionary Training Center, but they do not yet have their Visa to go to the country of their calling, they get a temporary reassignment.  Well, I got mine this week and I leave on Monday.  Here are the details!

I leave Monday at 3. Here are my travel plans (I'm flying American Airlines):
Salt Lake City (Depart 6:25 AM) to Dallas TX (Arrive 10:05 AM)
Dallas TX (Depart 12:00 Noon) to Atlanta Georgia (Arrive 3:10 PM)

Elder Knowles and Elder Snow are both coming to Georgia with me and they'll be my companions during the traveling! I am so excited! This was my permitted email to let you know my travel plans. I'll email you more tomorrow.

I love you guys a ton!

A Very Interesting Week

Well hello there family!!! 

This has been one very interesting week! But first let me say that I am perfectly fine and okay! So I woke up Monday morning around 5 to some extremely excruciating pain in my back, enough so that I couldn't move without it hurting. So I just lay there until my alarm clock went off, and I thought maybe if I stood up, it would help. So I went to turn my alarm clock off, but I could barely stand, let alone walk. But you see, the pain was in the muscles in my back and not my spine itself, so it really wasn't that big of a deal. But it killed, and I thought I might as well tell my companions. 

Well, after trying to figure out what to do, Elder Bohn just used the hall phone to call the front desk. And the front desk decided to send me to the emergency room. A little dramatic. But wait, it gets better. So they wheeled me out to a car in a wheelchair, during some heavy rain. Elder Bohn and I got in the car and they drove us to the ER. I was in one of those funky hospital dresses and everything. It was really funny because it was wayyyyy too much. Elder Bohn and I were like "whaaatt...the ER?". But it was either lay in my bed or figure out whats wrong. And the MTC decided the Emergency Room could figure out whats wrong. So basically the diagnosis was my back was having muscle spasms that were pinching nerves. Kind of lame. But it hurt like crazy. Anyways, they gave me morphine and then prescribed me a muscle relaxant to loose the tension in my back. So basically, I was high for pretty much all Monday and Tuesday. The muscle relaxant makes me really dizzy and loopy, plus the morphine...It was quite an adventure. But I am okay so no need to worry! All Monday, Elder Nash stayed with me since he was super sick. But everyone here is good now! haha it was quite a week! Nobody worry about my back because I am 100% fine. I got a bunch of worried letters, but I am perfectly fine!

So Monday and Tuesday are just a blur, but Tuesday night, I was able to make it to the devotional, where we heard from one of the members of the Quorum of the Seventy. I forget his name, but it was really great. He said that when he was a teenager, he asked his mom, "Why is the Gospel so selfish? We are obedient so we can receive blessings from the Lord for ourselves. Isn't that a little bit selfish?" and his mom replied, "The Lord blesses us for our obedience so we can learn to trust him. Then there comes a point when we trust him so much that we do his will, regardless of the blessings or not." That hit me really hard. It's so true. I want you all to think on what that means to you, but let me tell you this. I know that this Gospel is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it with all my heart. There is no other way to find true happiness than through faith and obedience to our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know it. 

Anyways, this week has also been pretty great. Our district moved classrooms to a different building this week. It has a great view, but I'm not sure whether or not I like the desks. Our district have also been the ones to have way too many teachers. Normally, you have 2 for the entire MTC experience, but we've had like 7 so far. The first week, our teacher wasn't here so we had 2 subs. Then, along side Sister Pettita, we got Brother Messias, but he moved to Texas, so we got Brother McGlaughlin. But then the MTC switched Sister Pettita to a different district, so now we have Brother McGill. Its been pretty crazy, but I'm really grateful. Having so many different teachers with different Portuguese accents has really helped me to understand Portuguese a lot better. Sometimes the Lord gives us these trials, but they are actually blessings in disguise.

So we had a cool experience teaching a lesson this week. Elder Snow, Elder Bohn and I were teaching one of our "investigators" about the Restoration. After Elder Snow gave an incredible discussion on the Apostasy, Elder Bohn started talking about the Prophet Joseph Smith. While he was talking, he started to recite the first vision (now keep in mind, these lessons are completely in Portuguese). The Spirit filled the room so much, and I have never heard Elder Bohn say the first vision so perfectly. It was truly amazing. Then I had the opportunity to teach about the Book of Mormon and its importance, and then I bore my testimony. The Spirit filled the room again and it was such a marvelous experience. We challenged him to continue to read the Book of Mormon, but especially with his family, and to pray to know whether or not it's true. Of course, the investigator is just an actor, but it was an incredible experience that was enhanced by the amazing feeling of the Spirit. Wow. It was marvelous.

Anyways, I love you guys so much and it is crazy to think that mom starts school on the 14th! WOW. When are you guys moving? Thats incredible. Mike, date a bunch of pretty English girls. Katie, don't talk to one boy at all. And someone go give Sam a huge hug for me and let him know how happy and proud I am of him. Can someone also get a copy of his book and put it in my keepsakes in the basement? Obrigado! I love you guys so much! I have been missing the east coast a ton. All my companions are from the east coast, so we can sympathize. But I get my reassignment in 1 week!!! CRAZY! I am so excited! I hope I get sent to the east coast. That would be sooooo cool. Or Long Beach California, of course. But anywhere the Lord needs me, I will serve with all my might, mind, and strength.

I love you guys a ton and thanks for the letters! Choose the right and do good stuff and all that jazz. Peace out. 
-Elder Hintze 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Half Way There

Well, I've finally reached the point in my MTC experience where the amount of days spent exceed the amount of days remaining. I am on the beginning of my 4th week! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?? So the good news is that I did receive all those pictures over email. So I can receive pictures. Just not emails containing links. I think. 

Anywho, the MTC is sort of extra awesomely fabulous. I love it here, as always. Elder Edwards left Tuesday morning to the Brazil MTC, so we were released as Zone Leaders on Sunday. It's kind of relieving since now I have more time to do stuff at night since I'm not going around to 10 rooms to give spiritual thoughts. So I was put into a trio with Elder Snow and Elder Bohn. Elder Snow is from Springfield, VA and he's our new District Leader. He rocks. Elder Bohn is from Marietta, GA, and he also rocks. We are the ultimate tri-panionship. The only different thing is when we teach an investigator. (BTW the "investigators" are our teachers acting as an investigator they taught from their mission and we teach is a really cool experience...we treat them like real pesquisadors [investigators] we pray for them, we teach to their needs...etc. ) Now when we teach, there are 3 of us, and Elder Bohn and Elder Snow prepare and teach a little differently than Elder Edwards and I did, but it's is still so fun. So the investigator we are teaching now is named Patricia, which I thought was super cool. We committed her to baptism last lesson, but she has to ask her parents first. 

I feel like my Portuguese is progressing very well, I just need to continue to study as much as I can. Speaking of languages, I can now bear my testimony in French. Pretty dandy. Je sais que la Livre de Mormon est vrai, e je sais que L'eglise de Jesus-Christ est vrai. Je veux parler en Francais. I'm definitely going to learn French, Spanish, Italian, etc when I'm back.  

Anyways, this last Tuesday, we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Neil L Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It was such a fantastic experience. He talked about sacrifice and love. One phrase he kept repeating was "You sacrifice the things you love, and you love the things you sacrifice for." I know it sounds a little redundant, and that's exactly what I was thinking when he said it, but take time and think about it. Whether it be a couple minutes or a couple days, you'll understand it. That's why I'm out here on a mission, to sacrifice my time for someone I love, My Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be out here and to serve the Lord! In the Book of Mormon, very last chapter, Moroni 10, it talks about some quality stuff, and I exhort all of you to read it and ponder on its words. It is one fantastic chapter. The entire Book of Mormon is amazing, so read that too. 

So I thought I'd run you through a day in the life of Elder Hintze. Welllllll....I get up at 6:15 or 6:30 (depending on how tired I am) and I go get in the shower. Breakfast is at 7:15 (I normally eat bagels with cream cheese). 7:45-9 is personal study time in the classroom. From 9-11:55 is classroom instruction. 12-12:45 is lunch. 12:45-1:45is TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning) time. TALL is an LDS language learning computer program. We learn discussion/vocab/grammer etc. 2-4:55 is either instruction or study time then pre-gym then gym time. Then 5-5:45 is dinner and then from 6-9 is either instruction or study time then pre-gym then gym time. For gym time I either go running or play baseball. I've been playing a lot of baseball lately, and I'm getting pretty dandy. I think I have the farthest hits. I always hit it into the sisters soccer field. Its pretty fun. I enjoy it a lot. Speaking of sports, did anyone know that SVU has a football team? I did not. And they also let you transfer to BYU now. Pretty cool, huh? A sister in our zone was just there and then transferred to BYU, so I talked to her about it. 

Anyways, I thought that was cool. So on my way here to come email y'all, I ran into none other than Elder Simmons, so I got a picture with him...and then guess who followed right next to him? Elder Thomas. So I also got a picture with him that I'll be sending you guys. Pretty cool stuff. 

Also, I HAVE SO MANY SNACKS IN MY ROOM. SO MANY. I have a drawer full of cookies, a drawer full of various unhealthy snacks, and a drawer with a few healthy bars. Yeah, I love it. Also, the MTC book store sells chips and queso....So I've been in heaven. And I also have so many peanut butter cups, my goodness. 3.75 pounds of peanut butter cups. geeze louise, I am loved. 

Also, if anyone ever needs any spiritual uplifting, talk to Sam Goodnight. His letter made me so happy and inspired me so much. He's da man. 

Anyways, I love you guys a ton and I can't wait for whats ahead! It's crazy to think I could have my reassignment in 2 weeks! The days are weeks, the weeks are days. It seems like just yesterday I was emailing you last. Okay, anyways, keep the letters coming. I may not respond quickly, but know that I get all your dear Elders, and I love them. I also love handwrittens (thank you my beautiful sister Katie who I absolutely adore). I love you guys a ton. Je T'aime (French) O Fatoo (Tongan) Eu amo voces (Portuguese) I LOVE YOU!!!! (English). Do good things and spread the gospel like creamy peanut butter. Peace Out.