Friday, September 13, 2013

Temporary Reassignment

When Missionaries have completed their time at the Missionary Training Center, but they do not yet have their Visa to go to the country of their calling, they get a temporary reassignment.  Well, I got mine this week and I leave on Monday.  Here are the details!

I leave Monday at 3. Here are my travel plans (I'm flying American Airlines):
Salt Lake City (Depart 6:25 AM) to Dallas TX (Arrive 10:05 AM)
Dallas TX (Depart 12:00 Noon) to Atlanta Georgia (Arrive 3:10 PM)

Elder Knowles and Elder Snow are both coming to Georgia with me and they'll be my companions during the traveling! I am so excited! This was my permitted email to let you know my travel plans. I'll email you more tomorrow.

I love you guys a ton!

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