Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct. 21, 2013 - It's getting cold!!!

So the mornings and the evenings are getting kinda chilly here in GA. I like the cold, so I'm enjoying it. It really isn't that cold, but it's getting there. 

We've been teaching a part member family and the kids wanna get baptized, so we're gonna set up a date this week. Also, the giant Polish guy who has that amazing escape story? He's been to church 5 weeks in a row. He's super cool, and as soon as we start teaching him, we're gonna try to set up a baptismal date. It's hard to teach him since he lives outside our area, but he wants us to teach him. And his son lives in our ward boundaries so he wants to go to church with his son (about 14) who's probably gonna get baptized too! He used to be a chef for the Communist Army, and so he's cooking for the scouts this Wednesday. We're gonna stop by and see if we can teach him then. 

So Elder Snow from the MTC got his visa! He's from Virginia, and he leaves at the end of the month. And I signed some more visa papers on Saturday, so I think my visa is going through. But if by the time Elder Snow leaves, and I don't have my visa, there will be a spot open in the Portuguese maybe I'll get transferred there ;)...but hopefully my visa comes through. 

So our ward has 8 missionaries in it! One set of Elders, one trio of Elders, and now, a trio of Sisters! Two of the sisters just came in last week, so they're being trained by a sister from Tahiti named Sister Paepaetata. She is super cool, and she's helping me with my French! She's gonna give me a Preach My Gospel in French. There's a couple in our ward who both served missions in France, so he started printing me out lessons. It's pretty fun. 

I can't really think of anything else that's going on, but I love you guys! I hope everything is super fun in London. Continue to choose the right! I love you guys!

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