Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct. 14 - Transfers

Well, I have officially been in Georgia for a month on Wednesday! It's crazy how fast it's going! This Wednesday is transfers, and I'm not going anywhere. Elder MacDonald became district leader, and our old District Leader is leaving. His name is Elder Winter, and we became pretty good friends. 

So some cool news. The Brady Family, which are super cool and have guitars and have us over every week for dinner, the mom just bought mom's book! She said she got a signed copy too! I never told her about your book either. She just found it and bought it. Pretty cool. 

Another cool thing, but my mission president is President Mark Wolfert. Apparently he helped build DoTerra or something, so they give oils out to all the missionaries. I've known about this since I got here, but I just forgot to mention it. 

There is also a family , the Torrez family, that are obsessed with Nertz. So they invited us over and had a nertz competition...because apparently no one can beat their family. Well...Guess who won the Nertz competition? Yeah thats right...Elder Hintze is the Atlanta Georgia North Nertz Champion. So I do feel very at home here, but the longer I'm here, the more I want to be in Brazil. There were 10 visa waiters who came out with me. 9 to Brazil and 1 to Kenya. Well, the Kenya Elder got his visa, so I wonder if the visa process is going or if that even affects me at all. 

Anyways, this week has been a lot of tracting. We met a lot of interesting people. I saw this one guy on the street and asked him "Hey whats up?" and he asked what we were doing and we said we're just out sharing a message about Jesus Christ. He then said, "Oh , I am pretty set in my religious beliefs. I worship Moloch the Sumarian God...Actually, I've been looking for a goat to sacrifice. Do you know where I can get one?" Well, he put on a pretty good show, but I could tell he was kidding, so I just started asking him questions we ask people but substituting in Moloch. For example, I asked him how he came to find his faith in Moloch. Anyways, it was super funny. But yeah, there are some weird people out here. And some really awesome people, too. 

As far as our other investigators, none came to church because Richard and Peter had a Tai Kwon Do tournament. But we are teaching this lady named Pat. She's pretty old, but she's nice. She's been reading the Book of Mormon, so that's good. But it's been fun. I love this work and I love being a missionary! It's such an awesome experience! 

I am so grateful for you guys and I love you all! Good luck in London! I'll try to get more pictures in next week, but I hope Mike has an amazing birthday. And Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Chase! I hope he had an awesome birthday. Okay, well, I gotta go, so I love you all! Boa Sorte!

Elder HIntze

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