Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov. 4, 2013 - 3 MONTH MARK

Well, my 3 month mark is coming up this week! It's crazy to think that time's flown by so fast! I am so grateful to be out here on a mission and serving the Lord! So many cool experiences happen. 

This week was pretty average. On Halloween, we did service at the Brady's all day, doing yard work and moving furniture. Then, our mission president said we had to be in our apartment by 6PM, so we showed up at our dinner appointment at 5:30, ate a bowl of chili, and left. 

Since we had absolutely nothing to do in our apartment, I took down all the furniture and built a fort. It was awesome, and it stayed up until last night. 

But the rest of that night, I just stayed up and started teaching myself German. A guy in a bordering ward who speaks German keeps sending me these lessons and they're super awesome/helpful/easy to understand. So that's pretty cool.  Friday, we did more service, and taught a guy named Jonathon. He's from Peru, and he's really cool. We were able to answer his questions, but when we asked him to pray, he just said "well, I don't pray". We tried to find out why, but he said he just stopped and he doesn't pray, and probably won't. So Elder MacDonald did a really good job at explaining the importance of prayer, but he was still being really stubborn. Without being pushy, we got him to agree to try to pray. So hopefully that works out. It was really weird, but it really helped me understand the importance of having that connection with our Father in Heaven. It's also cool that we are able to do that. We get to have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe. That's always amazed me, and I don't think I'll ever fully understand it. So the true purpose of it is, if you ever want truth, turn to the creator of all truth, and "by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things." (Moroni 10:5) God will reveal the truth to us if we ask with a sincere heart. I just think that's amazing. 

Anyways, on Saturday...I actually have no clue what happened on Saturday. I forget what happens half the time. Oh! I just remembered. We tracked for, like, 3 hours straight. We realized that the neighborhood that we were tracking was just tracked by the Jehovah's Witnesses. (There are A LOT of them out here). So a lot of people were kind of annoyed, but we also met some really cool people. This one guy came and talked with us out on his porch, and told us that his wife had just suffered a stroke and couldn't walk and his life has been really hard. So he asked if we could say a pray right now for his wife. We offered a prayed, and the Spirit filled that porch step. It was super cool. We didn't get a return appointment, but he was really nice. And just the fact that he has the opportunity to feel the Spirit was enough for us to plant that seed. That's really what we do when we tract is plant those seeds. It's normally a really fun experience to tract. I really enjoy it, and really like talking and meeting new people.  

On Sunday, church was awesome. Ryszard came, but Peter didn't since his mom won't let him. So he stayed at the Christensen's house until we could come over after church and teach them. We showed Ryszard and Peter the Restoration video, and taught about the Restoration. It was cool, and you can tell that they believe. I also found out that Ryszard is fluent in Russian, Ukranian, and kind of German. When he was forced into the communist army, they made him learn all those. He's super awesome. After that, we went tracking in a small neighborhood and wow...let me just tell you. I do not like white people (insert people filled with EGO). This neighborhood was full of every race, but white people. And we got 5 return appointments! If you didn't know, that is pretty good for one day, let alone 2 hours in 1 neighborhood. So that was awesome. White (EGO) people are always rude, but everyone else ROCKS! So I love you all and I am so happy that I am on a mission! I love all you guys, so choose the right and stuff!

See ya
Elder Hintze

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