Monday, March 2, 2015


"Quem quer, faz. Quem não quer, manda" -Bispo Coutinho

"Whoever wants it, does it. Who doesn't want it, commands"


This week was crazy slow. And I have no time. So here's what happened.

On Tuesday, District Meeting was awesome. We talked a lot about work with the members, and what we need to do to have the members trust us. It was really interesting. And I learned a lot.

On Wednesday, I found out that I would travel to Santa Maria and go on a division with the Assistants.

On Thursday, we canceled lunch and made potato cakes filled with pepperoni, and then I got on a bus and travelled 8 1/2 hours to get to Santa Maria. I got there late at night and then went to sleep.

On Friday, I woke up, studied, and then did 1 visit with the Assistants before heading back to the bus station and riding the bus another 8 1/2 hours back to Uruguaiana. I got there late, went home, and slept.

On Saturday, we were going to baptize 2 girls who are relatives of a member, but some problems went down and we had to move it to next week with our other baptism.

On Sunday, it rained as if Noah was still building his ark.

And that was my week! The division made no sense, and I travel 17 hours alone in 2 days just to make 1 visit, but I'm not complaining. It was actually a really edifying division and I learned a lot. It was actually fun to ride the bus through the giant field in Rio Grande do Sul. This is such a beautiful state in Brazil, holy moly..

I love being on a mission! It is the best thing ever!!!!1 I am seriously learning so much and changing so much. I'm grateful that the Lord loves me enough to give me the opportunity to be here on a mission.


Have a fantastic week.


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