Monday, March 9, 2015

I'm selling my lunch to buy my dinner



So I'll be staying here in Uruguaiana. I'll be training a new Zone Leader. His name is Elder Carlos de Souza. I have no clue who he is. But I'm excited. Today, I'll head to Santa Maria for the mission council and I'll be heading back here on Wednesday night.

So my week was pretty awesome. We baptized João Paulo this last week. He's the nephew of a member family and they've been taking him to church, and he wanted to be baptized. We've been working with him, and wow, he's amazing. He's only 9 but he's super smart and knows everything about the church. It was a really cool experience to work with him.

We had marked another 2 baptisms this last week for 2 young women, Vitoria and Mariana. Vitoria is 13 and her older sister and little brother are members. Mariana is Vitorias aunt but she's 16. So we had been working with this family, and they were supposed to baptized. We went to Vitoria's house to confirm her baptismal interview, and when we got there, the first thing that she told us was "I don't think I want to get baptized anymore". We freaked out a little bit. (Actually, a lot). She was so prepared to be baptized and had been ready for weeks! Then she got a little more sincere and told us "Look. You're always saying that I need to pray and ask God if the church is true, and I still haven't done that yet!" She started expressing to us that she wasn't prepared spiritually and that she hadn't been keeping the commitments we were leaving. She told us that she wants to be a good member of the church when she's baptized, and that she didn't think she could if she didn't have a testimony. We explained to her that she was prepared and that she was already a great member of the church, but she still wanted to wait a little. So we're going to work with her more, and help her recognize the testimony that she already has. It made me a little happy to see that she actually has desire to be baptized. She's great and we'll definitely keep working with her.

We had a cool experience this week. We were walking to a plan after lunch, and an old man sitting on a chair called us over to talk with him. We were a little hesitant because he looked drunk. My companion looked at me and said "Here we go...". We went over and he asked us if we were "preachers of the Word". We said that we were missionaries sent by Jesus Christ. He looked at us and said. "Perfect." He started crying and telling us about his crazy health problems and how nobody knew what he has and how his wife and son had passed away. He asked for a prayer, so we went into his house and gave him a blessing. We talked a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and marked an appointment to pass at his house the next day to explain more. He accepted. We've gone to his house every day this week, and he went to church with us on Sunday, and he wants to come to church every Sunday! It was amazing to see how humble and willing he was to follow Jesus Christ. When I get back from Santa Maria, we're going to visit him and mark a baptismal date. He is a really great guy with great desires. Please pray for him. His name is João.

I love being here on a mission! It's such an amazing and incredible opportunity! I'm so grateful that the Lord gave me the opportunity to serve him! I know that this is His true Church!

This week, I want you all to think about the blessing you have from serving others. Find 3 scriptures about service and then read a conference talk about service. Right me a short email about what you learned and how you can search to serve people daily.

I love you all so much! You all rock!

Have an incredible week.

Elder Hintze

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