Monday, March 30, 2015

Miracle on Padre Anchieta

Wow...this week was a miracle...

We've cut a lot of our investigators and we've been searching for more families this past week. We've been having a lot of success, and we've marked a lot of appointments with families for this upcoming week. But I want to share with ya'll a miracle that happened with Thiago and Patricia:

We were preparing to go to their house to make Hawaiian Haystacks and do a family night. We ran home to get the pineapples and other stuff, and while we were at home, I started having thoughts about what we needed to teach them. I thought a lot about the iron rod and that they need to be prepared to hold on to the iron rod as they begin this new journey in the gospel. I found an article in a church magazine about the iron rod, and I wrote down a few situations on some paper that could possibly be oppositions for them after their baptism...for example. "Wow. Today I'm tired and I don't feel like going to church. There's always church next week." or "Your friend talks bad about the church". Or other situations like that. We were going to talk about how they need to hold on to the iron rod, and that, especially now as they are preparing to start their journey, they need to hold on as tight as possible and avoid the opposition and temptations that will come their way. We were running a little late at home and I was having all these ideas of what we needed to teach them. I ran around gathering all the materials I could to have an effective lesson, and then we started heading to Thiago and Patricia's house. We got there and it felt weird in their house, and they were acting a little different. We talked a bit and then Thiago told us "So we have some new. I lost my job. And we think this is a sign that we shouldn't get married."....Well, imagine how I felt at that heart was broken! But I thought in my head "they are getting married if I have anything to do about it" and then I realized...this was the 1st big opposition that was trying to take them off of the iron rod. They were a little sad, so I decided to make the food first, do a fun activity to cheer them up, and when they were a little more animated, we would leave the message. And we did just that. We made Hawaiian Haystacks and they loved it. We did an activity with them blind folded, following a string which represented the iron rod, and they all laughed and like it. Then we left this powerful message and it was so perfect! I know that the Spirit was inspiring me before hand to leave that message. We were able to explain about opposition and how the adversary always tempts us when something good is about to happen. We explained that Thiago losing his job was just one opposition to keep them from getting married. We told them, boldly, and powerfully, that they need to get married and that Satan knows their potential and wants them to be miserable and he doesn't desire their eternal happiness and that he'll do anything to take them off the iron rod. I told them that they needed to hang on to the iron rod by getting married and by being baptized, and by making the goal of getting sealed in the temple. The Spirit was so strong and they agreed to getting married. It was such an amazing miracle and I'm so grateful that the Lord cares so much about a little family in Uruguaiana. I love the Lord so much and I love this work. This week, after General Conference, Thiago and Patricia are going to be married. Please pray for them. I love them so much and want them to experience the blessings of an eternal family.

I love this work so much, and I love the opportunities that the Lord gives me to be his servant here in Brazil.



Elder Hintze

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