Monday, February 16, 2015

A perfeição se encontro nos detalhes

Hey everyone! This week was great. If your trying your best, it's hard to have a week that isn't great. This week wasn't filled with amazing, glorious miracles, just the little day to day miracles, for which I am so grateful.We worked hard this week, and we were able to help our investigators to progress. So here's what happened.

On Tuesday, instead of having district meeting, we stayed at home for another 2 hours studying the doctrine of Christ and doing special practices on how to invite others to be baptised. It was great, and we learned a whole lot.

We've been working with a family that is part member. There are 2 children that are members, but the parents and the other siblings aren't. We're working a lot with Mariana and Vitoria, 2 girls who are super awesome and are progressing a lot. They went to church last week, and they stopped drinking coffee and everything. They're marked to be baptized on the 28th, so please pray for them! They went to a special conference this week, so they'll be out of the city, but they both brought their Book of Mormon with them to read, so that is pretty awesome! Pray for them!

Elder Aguiar. my companion, is super awesome. He is a hard worker, and I'm so grateful that I can learn from him. I know the Lord loves me because he puts me through experiences that help me grow and become more like him. I'm so grateful for the Gospel!

Sorry, this ones short, but I hope you all know that I love you!!!!!

I hope your week rocks more than Rocktopus.

Elder Hintze

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