Monday, June 30, 2014

"Give me the Badge" - Gwen Stacy

Mike, that was for you.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS DAD! That is so sweet about your service mission call. You will be the best photographer the church ever did have. Plus we'll be missionaries at the same time. Quite dandy, if you ask me. Way to go, Pops.

So the big news of the email....

I'm being transferred again! Elder Pontes and I arrived together and opened the area, and now we're leaving together and closing the area. Doesn't make any sense, but if it's what the Lord wants, I'm down.

                               We should all be ninjas!

So I'm going to a city called Palmeiras das Missões, which means "Palm Tree Missions". Somebody has to come up with better names for these cities. It's a smaller, German city, and I'll be serving in a branch! They don't even have a chapel. Just a giant mansion where they have church and where I'll live. Yes, I'm totally going to be living in a mansion. My companion will be Elder Gomes and I'll be finishing up his training. I am more pumped than a brand new bicycle wheel.

So this week was pretty darn cool. Here's the details:

-There was a baptism in the other ward here on Saturday, so we took Poliana, and Regina and her husband (Regina isn't a member but her husband is). They liked it a lot and they got excited to be baptized. But the only problem is that Regina has to get married and Poliana is waiting on an answer for baptism. But I know they'll be baptized soon. Elder Pereira, my last companion in Uruguaiana, is coming here and he is flipping sweet, so I trust that the Lord knows what He's doing.

                               At the Baptism

                                Poliana and Family

-It has been raining and been extremely cold all week. But I'm not complaining.

-I can't remember anything else at the moment, so I'm just gonna send pictures.

Well I love you all a whole heck of a ton. Ya'll better chose the right and stuff.

Rock to the on,

Elder Hintze

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