Monday, June 9, 2014

Howdy Folks

Alrighty people. Before I begin my letter, I just want to give a shoutout to my fabulous, amazing, spectacular, perfect mother who I absolutely adore. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!
Okay, so here's my week:

-Wednesday, we went to Santo Angelo for a mission conference. Elder Mozart Soares of the 70 was touring our mission and we got to meet him. It was AWESOME and inspirational. Bah, it was amazing. I also got to see almost all of the people from my MTC group, and that was awesome.

-Elder Knowles, from the MTC who served in Georgia with me, told me that Elder Rodrigues, my companion in Georgia that had cerebral palsy, had to go home to have surgery :( But he was released as an honarable missionary! If someone could get me his home email, that would be great. He was an AWESOME missionary. His name is Ryan Rodrigues from South Jordan Utah

- We taught an AWESOME lesson with our investigator Poliana. Her mom and brothers are members, but she isn't. She's studying at the college here in Cruz Alta, so she's a college students, so I'm having some memories of teaching people in the Singles Ward in Georgia. But it was an awesome lesson. She said that she believed that everything we're teaching is true. But she won't pray about baptism because she knows the answer will be yes and she doesn't want to be baptized. I don't get it, but okay. We're gonna try our hardest! She's definitely gonna be baptized one day. Her mom bore her testimony fast sunday that she wanted all of her children to be members. It was awesome.

-I got Ashley's package and I'm totally eating mint oreos when I get to the apartment

Well people, I love you all a whole heck of a lot. Stay strong and don't do dumb things.


Again, Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

Rock on,


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