Monday, June 2, 2014

Miracles and Stuff

So this week was kind of slow in terms of the work, but full of amazing things. So heres my week:

-Wednesday, I caught a little bit of the cold, so we stopped and did some extra studying until I got better. And I got better so it's all good.

-Thursday, we went to eat at the house of this old couple (one's a german lady). After lunch, the old man who has epilepsy asked us to help him out with good ol' wood choppin'. So we were choppin' up all o' dat wood. After a while, we turned around and he wasn't there. So we ran over and he had fainted. We quickly gave him a blessing and he woke up . Then we called for an ambulance. He's all good now. But what a miracle it was that we were where we were when it happened!

-That same day, we went to teach Rafael and Iliane, a couple that we're teaching that want to get baptized. The lesson was guided by the Spirit and the Spirit was putting things in my head to teach them specifically about what they needed to learn. It was incredible. Then, afterward, Rafael asked for a blessing. So we gave him a blessing and afterwards he told us his experience. He said "Wow. I have never felt this way before. I felt like I was on fire. When Elder Pontes put the oil on my head, it felt like he poured fire on me. And when you gave me the blessing, it was like it was exactly what I needed. It was so...purifying. I've never felt this way." He went on and then we were able to explain that this is what the Spirit and perhaps his answer he was looking for. It was amazing to see how the Spirit was working.

                                Rita- New Member

-This week was Stake Conference here in Cruz Alta, and a member of the Area Seventy came and talked. His name is Elder Leal, and it was SUPER AWESOME!!! He is so flippin' cool. He called all the missionaries up to the stand and had the missionaries name one truth that was restored through the restoration, all because of the first vision. Then the members would name another truth. And then the missionaries. And so on. Then he asked one of the sisters, a japanese-brazilian sister (she told us that shes from the tribe of Dan. Pretty cool), to share the first vision and then teach the congregation about it as if they were investigators. It was so powerful. It just reminded me about the power of the restoration, and the power of sharing the first vision. Hey people at home, SHARE THE FIRST VISION WITH A FRIEND THIS WEEK. Got it?

-The weather has heated up a tad, but that only means that winter is gonna punch us in the face next week. But it's pretty, get it? hehe

                               The view from my apartment on a foggy morning

Well, this week was super cool and I am so grateful for the Spirit that accompanied me this week. It rocked. Well, love you all. Don't do drugs.

Elder Hintze

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