Monday, June 23, 2014

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Hey people. So this week was very interesting. So here's how it went:

-We went and ate lunch as Maria Rita´s house. Afterwards, she told us that the neighbor's daughter-in-law has a "bad spirit". Well, her neighbor is a less active, so we went over to see if we could help. Well, we heard crazy screaming and it was kind of scary. I totally thought that she was faking, but who knows. We called President and asked how to cast out a bad spirit and then we went and talked to them. Well, they didn't want us to enter because the pastors from the other church were there and they didn't want conflict, so we didn't enter. But, later we found out that she has some psychological problem, and that she was probably faking. It wasn't a demon  or anything, but wow, that was a close one. So this almost happened to us:

                               Missionary Day with Maria Rita

-Okay, so we were teaching English and a girl walked in. We totally thought that they were members, but afterwards we asked, and they said no. But they had been going to church for the past 2 months! So we talked to them and they are getting baptized this Saturday! Miracle of the transfer!

                               Sweater Vests, Baby!

-So we taught Poliana about the commandments and she agreed to keep them all. Incluiding the word of wisdom. When we talked about fasting, we invited her to do a fast with us and she got super excited so we planned to return Sunday morning to eat breakfast, start the fast, and then take her to church. Well, some things happened and we ended up going Sunday after church to eat lunch and then fast. When we got there, she had a hangover because she went to a party the night before. Then she said "Now I understand the Word of Wisdom a little better". Then we taught her about faith and baptism. Ever since we started teaching her, she never wanted to get baptized, yet she's already expressed that she knows it's all true. Well, she is also a college student studying agriculture, so we were able to teach about seeds and fruits and tie it to the gospel.I never realized how many agricultaral scripture metaphors there are. My goodness it helped a whole lot. It was cool. 

                                Pedro's Birthday

-We are also teaching another guy named Leonardo who will be baptized not this Saturday but the next! It's pretty cool to see a lot of cool things happen after a lot of work!

Well, this was my week. It was cooler than an ice skating polar bear with a milk shake. 

Rock on. 

Elder Hintze

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