Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup in Brasil

Alrighty folks, here was my week (heads up, this letter may be a tad bit short)

-So one day this week, we went to the hospital to give a baby a blessing. This baby is the grandaughter of a recent-convert, but the mom isn't a member. So we were talking with Tais (the mom) and we were about to give the baby a blessing when a priest from another church walked in. He preached to us and was talking about free agency. It was interesting. But then he said, "You have free agency, so will you use your agency to except a blessing?" My companion was about to say, "Well, we're about to give a blessing too, but our time is short" But before he could finish this priest said "It's just a blessing, dude." and then he put a hand on his head and gave my companion a crazy evangelistic blessing. Then he blessed me, Tais, the baby, and the other mom and baby in the room. Then I invited him to our english classes at the church. After he left, we gave the baby a real blessing. The Spirit was so different. With this priest, it was loud and confusing, but through the proper authority, it was peaceful and calming. There was an amazing difference when we gave the blessing. It was cool to see the real effects of the Priesthood.

-Yesterday, we were teaching Poliana again, and we watched the 20 minute film about the Restoration, and then we watched a 1 hour film called The Testaments. It's about when Christ arrived here in the Americas. I think she enjoyed it, but afterwords, we talked about faith. She's studying agriculture, so we shared Alma 32, about seeds. It was kind of cool how she understood, but then we talked about baptism again. She doesn't want to get baptized but she still wants to read the Book of Mormon and go to church and all that stuff....What? We explained a lot, but she is being a little stubborn. But we're just gonna let the Spirit work in her a little bit.

-So this month is the World Cup, right? While, the first game Brazil played was very interesting. We can't watch the games (obviously) so we have to either have to
a.) Teach people who don't like soccer
b.) Stay in the apartment
Well, there is not a Brazilian soul that doesn't like soccer, so we went to our apartment. I didn't need to watch the game to know about it. Every time Brazil scored, the whole city was screaming and fire works were going off. I think our apartment was shaking. Then, when they won, it was a bagun├ža. Crazy.

Well, I sure do love you all a lot! Hope all is well!

Rock on.

Elder Hintze

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