Monday, July 7, 2014

Me and My Mansion

So I'm here in Palmeira das Missões, sometimes called just Palmeira, and yes. I live in a mansion. And yes, it rocks.

                                My Home in Palmeira

So some dandy updates from the life of Elder Hintze:

                                My and my Companion at the Mansion

-So the life in a branch is quite interesting. We had a grand total of 7 people at church! There are 2 companionships here in Palmeira so we're going change somethings around. Some mighty cool things are about to go down. 

-We found an inactive guy named Mauricio and his wife isn't a member. We ended up teaching them about baptism and challenged Roberta to be baptized. Then we marked a date for the 19th of July. It was sweet. And then we returned and they weren't at home, so I left some cookies on there door with a note, and then as we were walking back, they called us over and invited us back and we taught them again. They are so cool! They said they'd go to church, but they didn't. It's a bummer. But we'll keep trying!

-We taught an English class that was full of people. It was cool. 

-I live with a Columbian missionary (in my mansion) so things were a tad bid strange during the Columbia/Brazil game this past week. But hey, the USA is already out so we got nothing to worry about for me down here!

Well, this was my week. Simple, but cool. I hope all is rocking back in the other part of the world. 



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