Sunday, August 18, 2013

P-DAY and Shenanigans

Oi familia!

ITS FINALLY P-DAY!!! The most exciting part about that for me is that I get to do laundry! Well, the MTC is amazing. I absolutely love it here! Elder Edwards (my companion) and I are just finishing up our first week as zone leaders. Every night, we go to the rooms of all the guys in our 4 districts and give a spiritual thought followed by abracaos (hugs). Its pretty fun. We have some great districts, but I absolutely love my district. As Elder Edwards would say, we're an inspired district. So Elder Edwards sort of looks like Gabe, and he acts a lot like Gabe in a good way. His first name is also Gabe. Which is quite funky. Anyways, so I saw Elder Kendall Blaylock and Sister Syndey Francis the first day. I always keep running into Sister Francis. I've also seen Elder Alec Larsen. Elder Tate Simmons is on the top floor of my building so I can go see him before I go to bed. I also ran into the one and only Elder Nate Benfell this Wednesday. I hope I can see him more before he heads out in two weeks. 

My roommates are the best, and the Elders in my district rock. Here is a brief introduction to all of them. 
Elder Edwards (my companion) - from Michigan, plays college soccer, speaks Spanish
Elder Bohn - from Georgia, he's always happy
Elder Snow - from Fairfax Virginia, graduated from UVA with a major in Spanish, so he speaks Spanish
Elder Knowles - from Key West Florida, looks like Dennis the Menace in non-cartoon form
Elder Nash - From Draper, Utah, looks like muscular Jack Black 
Elder Johnson - From Oregon, Plays football
Elder Farnsworth - from Utah, runs track, he's our district leader

So let me brief you on a couple things that have happened here. So here my first "missionary story". Our first night here, the alarm clock goes off in the morning. I lay there thinking that Elder Bohn will get up to turn it off but he didn't so I just laid there. Well, finally I got up and the alarm clock wasn't mine, and it wasn't Elder Bohn's either. I then looked at the clock and saw it was 3 AM. So we turned the lights on and searched everywhere for this mysterious alarm. Well. after a good 15 minutes, we discovered it was in the vents. Elder Snow pulled a superman and ripped the vent off the wall, reached into the vent and pulled out a prank alarm clock. He continued to put the vent back in place, so we finally got back to bed at 3:20ish. It was quite funny. 

So Elder Edwards and I have been teaching an "investigator" named Joao. We taught 5 lessons this past week (completely in Portuguese) and we got him to commit to be baptized out last lesson! It is so crazy how the Spirit can guide what you say and also be avenue for learning and understanding. After every lesson, I felt so amazing. It is just so awesome! I can't believe I can understand and speak that much Portuguese already! We will have 2 new investigators these coming weeks, so pray for me! I am having the time of my life and I am so grateful for this opportunity. And yes, the room checking people said I make my bed commendable. And our room is super organized. (feel free to be proud, mom). I am so grateful to be here and to be serving the Lord. It is so awesome. I also love the Dear Elder letters! Although, handwritten ones would be nice. Also, if anyone wants me to respond, just have them Dear Elder  me their address so I can write them back. Alright, I love you guys! The picture thing isn't' working but I'll see if I can email you some later today. Love you all, and remember, The Lord will never abandon you. He is ALWAYS there and he will ALWAYS love you. Seek him. I love you guys! Have a super duper rockin' week!

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