Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Oi Familia!

Happy Birthday to my my beautiful, amazing sister, Ashley.  I hope it's fabulous and full of wonderfulness and stuff.

So I had some cool experiences.  I actually don't think P-Day is until next Friday, so expect e-mail responses then.  Well, I got 2 Dear Elder letters last night.  Let me tell you, those rock.  Get everyone to send me those.  Also, muito obrigado for the package and cookies.  Eu gusto de cookies.  Su meu companheiro, Elder Edwards and I taught a lesson in Portuguese to an investigator our 2nd full day.  It was cool.  I prayed in Portuguese and Elder Edwards was really fantastic with his responding.  I'll get more into it in the e-mail, but we have a follow up lesson this morning, and we spent a good 2 1/2 - 3 hours preparing our lesson.  Hopefully we can do it with the help of the spirit.  We were guided in our first lesson, and it was the coolest experience.  My testimony is only strengthened every second. Anyways, I'm off to cafe de manha (breakfast) but I love you all so much.  You guys rock socks.
Also, someone let Tate know that I had a dream she was called to Lisbon, Portugal.  Eu amo meu familia e meu salvador, Jesus Cristo.  Tchau!

       - Elder Hintze

P.S. The food is fabulous!

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