Monday, June 8, 2015

Tigre Floresta

We had a little miracle this week! In our powerful trio of Elder Barros, Elder Miller, and Elder Hintze, we baptized a young man this week named Felipe. We had been planning his baptism ever since we got here, and it was all good, but in the last moment he ask he his friend's dad could baptism him. We said yes and he got excited. But when we asked his friend's dad if he could baptise him, he said that he would have to work and wouldn't be able to. When we told Felipe, he freaked out a little bit and that that the members didn't like him and that they didn't want him to be baptized so he said that he never wanted to baptized but that he still wanted us to visit him. This was 2 hours before the baptism. After a lot of prayer and running, we got a call from his friend's dad, and he said that he would be able to baptism him! The problem was that there was 1 hour until the baptism. So we grabbed a taxi and ran to his house and told him that he would be able to be baptized by his friend's dad! He freaked out (of happiness of course) and we took him to the baptism and it all worked out. We could have stressed out or freaked out, but I was relatively calm. It just goes to show that if you put it all in the Lord's hands and do all you can, everything works out the way it needs to.

So my companion's name is Elder Monahan from Pennsylvania, but he still hasn't arrived yet. He only gets here on the 17th. So I'll only be with him for a little bit of time before I return home. But I'm excited to begin the training with him and pass along some of the wisdom about the mission that I've learned while I've been here.
I love you all so much and I'm excited to see ya'll soon!!!!!
Oh and PARABENS FRANCESCA!!!! You're getting married! (WOOT WOOT)
Okay. well that it. Love ya'll.
Elder Hintze

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