Monday, June 15, 2015



First off, I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST MOTHER WHO I ABSOLUTELY ADORE. You are the best mom in the whole wide world (and there are approximately 2,300,000,000 moms in the world). So way to be the best mom ever! Happy birthday!!!!!!!
This week was fun, hard working, and colder than a gang of polar bears in Ray Bans. And yes, my new companion will arrive this Wednesday!
On Monday, we ate xis (which is like a Brazilian hamburger) and went back home and had a p-day full of rest and fun. At night, we went to teach Maria and Natalia. Maria is a women and Natalia is her daughter, and we're teaching them and preparing them for baptism on the 6th of June. They're kind of iffy but we're working hard so that they can realize the importance of the gospel. They said that they prayed and received an answer to their prayer, but it seems like there is something else holding them back that we're working hard to figure out.
On Tuesday, we had district meeting. I gave a training about the visions and goals that we need to have to reach our mission potential. It was fun and afterwards, we ate chocolate.
Wednesday, we worked hard. We visited Guilherme, who is the brother of Gabi. Gabi is a recent-convert of about 3 years, and recently received her mission call to serve in the Juiz de Fora Mission (which is where Jake Hamm is serving!). She's the only member in her family, and we're teaching her little brother who also will be baptized on the 27th of June. This week, we plan on trying to teach her mom and step dad who we haven't met yet.
On Thursday, it was super cold and we worked hard and visited a bunch of recent converts asking referrals, and we were also able to teach Felipe, our recent convert.
Friday and Saturday we did some awesome family nights, and made pancakes! We also passed at almost all of our investigators' houses to confirm going to church on Sunday. 
Sunday, we visited recent-converts and some of our investigators and got a bunch of referrals!
The week was simple, but fun, and golly goodness, I am so grateful to be a missionary! This calling is amazing and I'm so grateful that I can be here to learn so many things. It seems like at the end of the mission, your learning rate increased 10x, and you learn so many things.
Well, I hope you all have an amazing week!
Elder Hintze

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