Monday, June 29, 2015

Oompa Loompa from the Heavens

So this week was crazy! 

First off, some crazy things went down and our 2 baptisms fell through. One of them is gonna be this coming week and we have to figure out some other stuff so that Guilherme can be baptized before I go home.
So cool story. I was walking in the middle of nowhere after an appointment fell through and I had the crazy desire to eat chocolate. I then had a feeling to look behind me and guess what I saw? Yes. I saw A CHOCOLATE FACTORY. So I went in and we made friends with the people that work there. We bought some chocolate and they explained to me how they make it. And then they invited us back and they said they would give us a secret tour and show us around back. So we went back and they showed us how they make their chocolate. It was chocolate. It's not everyday that you desire chocolate and a chocolate factory appears behind you.

We worked super hard this week, knocking on doors and talking with every. It was a crazy busy week, running after these baptisms and trying to find new people to teach. But it's crazy how the adversary works so hard to make sure people are miserable like he is. It just means that we have to work 10x harder to come out on top.

I love you all and I'll see ya'll in less than 4 weeks!!!!
Elder Hintze

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