Monday, March 31, 2014

From the City in the Middle of Nowhere

Howdy people. So my week was quite grand. We had a lot of cool things happen, so I will explain:
-We have a baptism! She was supposed to be baptised this Saturday, but we moved it to next Saturday since conference will happen. Then she can get confirmed the next day. But her name is Silvia. Remember Bianca? Well, the mother of Bianca is Nadir, and Nadir is a member. And Silvia is this old senhorinha that lives with them. She came to church with Nadir once and then we visited them and she told us she wants to get baptised. Pretty dandy, if I do say so.
-So remember Bianca? Yesterday when we were teaching Silvia the commandments, Bianca was there too. We have to speak really loud so that Silvia can hear us, but Bianca is a little impatient. So we're reading about the 10 commandments in the Book of Mormon. But Bianca went ahead and read the whole chapter when we were teaching Silvia. So by the time we were talking about commandment #2, Bianca had read the whole chapter. So it ended up that Bianca taught Silvia the whole 10 commandments, better than I think my companion and I would have. It was super funny since Bianca is not a member. She's just a little lazy and impatient. But their family rocks.
-So this week we were going to teach a lesson and we passed by the house of an inactive member. Well, this inactive member is also a Profesora of English. So when we passed by, we waved to her, and she waved for us to enter. So we entered in the middle of one of her classes. And then she asked me to teach her students something. So, I began teaching English in a formal English class setting. I taught them how to say "Cool", "Sweet", "That's Rockin'", and "Peace Out.", along with some other stuff. It was sweet.
-We've been doing a lot of Noites Familiares with the ward members and they are inviting all their friends and its awesome. We're teaching a bunch of people and it is super cool. The ward members are super pumped about the Work of the Lord, so they're working hard as well. Missionaries can change lives, but the members make the difference.
-We contacted this guy named Edidio this week, and we taught him about the Restoration. He was very engaged and was a little bible-bashy. At the end of the lesson, he said: "If I take this Book of Mormon and this Pamphlet from you guys, you can't teach anything about your religion." So I explained to him. "Of course we can't. We could teach you all the doctrine of our church in the Bible, but without the Book of Mormon, we're nothing. If you read this and know it's true, than you can know that this Joseph Smith was really a Prophet, and that God really loves you and His church is established here on this earth, for you." Now, this is the kind of stuff that we say all the time, but this time it hit me. I really grew to understand how the Book of Mormon really is the most important thing of our religion. How great the love of our Heavenly Father must be, for him to send us just one little book, adjoined with one little prayer, to know that his church is here and that we can begin to receive infinite happiness in this life and for eternity. Yet, so many people are so ignorant and won't read or pray. God is the creator of the universe. He created all truth. If we want to know truth, all we have to do is ask him! It's simple! And you know where we find truth...THE BOOK OF MORMON! The Book of Mormon is true people! Read it! Pray about it! This church is true, and Jesus is our Savior. I am so grateful for this Gospel!
Anyways, if I could leave you all with one piece of advice, every conversation you have, somehow involve the church. You have this incredible gift. Share it.
Well people, the church is true. Choose the right, and don't do drugs.
Elder Hintze

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