Monday, March 24, 2014

A Terra de Promessa

So this week was interesting, like all weeks. The work is awesome but with Carnaval, it was a little interesting.
-The nights of Carnaval were Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. It was loud and the roads are extremely dirty and smell like a barn. There were these super cool giant floats in the streets. Like REALLY cool stuff, but I didn't have my câmera so I couldn't take fotos. Saturday night, we went to bed with loud music blasting from the streets, and we woke up at 6:30, with the same music blasting. And when we went to church at 8, it was still blasting. However, the Ward went from 25 people in church last week to 55 this week, so things are better!
-An inactive member in the Ward died this week :( I had met him once but we were working with his wife. We knew he went to the hospital but we didn't know he died until the Bishop called and asked us to sing at the funeral. So we went to the cemetery and we all sang Mais Perto, Quero Estar (Nearer My God to Thee) and everyone was crying. It was super sad. I almost cried too.  So then we went to out his coffin in a wall. So here in Uruguaiana, they have this giant court Yard and walls filled with coffins. Its got aisles and aisles of walls of dead bodies. Kinda crazy. But no disrespect, it was so cool. The first thing I thought when I entered was "Golly, Mike has got to see this." Its crazy. You feel like your in a fantasty world. But it was still sad.
-We are teaching this two kids, Lazaro and Barbara. They're mom and older sister are inactive, but the older sister really wants to go to church again. The problem is, she's a tad sassy, so she's not all inclined to let them got to church or seminary or the English classes we teach. It's sad. We had a baptismal date marked for them this saturday, and they were all super pumped, but they didn't/couldn't go to church, so the date fell through. It's sad, but I have hope for them. Lazaro is 11 and he is so cool. We show up and all he wants me to do is draw him cartoon animals, and then, after that all he wants to do is listen to the lessons. He is so awesome.
-The Ward wants to have a party and they want American Pancakes. So mom, can you send me a recipe for Pancakes and syrup?Something simple. And a recipe for crepes, too!
-I've been studying a lot about how we can learn by the Spirit, and one thing I learned is that we are accountable for what we learn. So we need to apply what we learn, imediately. If we don't apply what we've learned, did we really learn it? So in your studies, Always try to apply what you learn and live what you learn. Be a living testimony. And the more you do this, the more you learn, the more you grow, and the more you feel the Spirit. It's crazy how much more you learn when you apply things. You may think you've learned something, but until you're doing it, you've learned only a fraction of what you coul've learned.
Anyways, this week was crazy cool, and I'm exciting to continue on! Being a missionary rocks socks. So, I love you all so much! If I could give one tip to ya' Preach My Gospel and study the scripture references like crazy. They're sweet. Okay, I love you all.
Elder Hintze

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