Monday, March 10, 2014

Sweet Week

Well, this week was sweet. A lot of cool stuff is happening. My companion is super cool. His name is Elder Pereira and he's from Rondônia, a state in Brazil on the frontier of Bolivia. He's super cool and he has a guitar! Woot woot! But sadly, I just got the mission weekly email and it says that they are changing the instrument rule, and we can only have instruments if they're owned by the ward. So he's gonna donate his guitar to the ward, and I'm gonna donate my ukulele. But hey, it's all good. Alright, so here's my week, peeps:

-My companion works hard and it rocks. He is also really cleanly and it rocks. So this week we were sleeping on mattresses in the district leaders apartment until our house was ready. President called and ordered that we move into our apartment immediately, so we did. It was pretty funny. But it's now just me and Elder Pereira.

-When I was living in the other apartment, there was an elder who dried his clothes in the microwave.

-I got my packages, Mom. No worries. I actually got 5 today. We're headed to the District Leaders apartment after emailing to pick them up.

-We had an awesome lesson with this lady we met named Vilma. We found her name on a piece of paper in our apartment and went to visit her. We started talking about the Expiação (the Atonement) and the started talking about Batismo (Baptism), which led to a discussion on Autoridade (Authority), and eventually led us to talking about about how she needs to pray to know whether or not we have the authority to baptize in the name of Christ. The Spirit was there and it was super cool. The questions were all inspired and it turns out her son is a member in a city in our mission. I don't know what will happen, but pray for Vilma! Also, pray for Bianca, to help her have a desire to go to church and be baptized, and for Loide, that her family will have a desire to return to church again. 

-We've been doing family nights with members of the ward and having them invite friends or menos ativos (less actives). So far, all the Noites Familiars (family nights) have fallen through. Except one, last night. But when we showed up, they had forgoten. But it's all good because we taught an awesome lesson on the Expiação and it really helped them I think. The menos ativo husband said he now has a desire to know mor about the Book of Mormon. 

-So I know you all wonder about the day to day stuff. If you want to know, just open up Preach My Gospel. It says exactly what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. It's pretty simple. 

Well, I love you all so much! You all are so cool, I can't believe it. And someone has to stop Mike from being so studly. 

Good luck in everything you all do. Remember that I'm praying for all of you specifically. 

Rock on

Elder Hintze

Also, in Alma 31:36, Alma and his friends hi-five because the Gospel is too awesome. 

Love ya

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