Monday, April 7, 2014

Funky Town and Modern Day Revelation

So this week I learned that chocolate soap is not edible. It was a crazy week, like always, so here are the highlights:

-General Conference was sweet. It was a really different experience listening in Portuguese. Also, it was hard to pay attention. The song "Funky Town" was playing through the loud speaker in the chapel all Saturday. It was so quite and subtle that if you didn't focus , you couldn't hear it. I think me and my companion were the only people who could hear it anyways. I still have no clue why.
-We are going to baptize a senhora (an older lady) by the name of Silivia this Saturday. It's gonna be sweet. She went to conference and she loved it, so I'm excited!
-The chapel always had this weird chirping noise the whole time that I've been here. Well, we now know why. We went to go put some things on the bulletin board, and there were some exterminators there, killing bats. Like, a lot of bats. They had grocery bags full of dead bats. It was crazy weird/cool.
-There is this cool member in my ward who was the mission companion to Austin's mission president! How cool is that?

So I was explaining the story of Nephi going to get the Plates to this 11 year old investigator. I had this huge realization of the importance of the scriptures. The Lord knew that it was necessary for Lehi and his family to have the scriptures with them while they were in the wilderness. It was one of the things most vital to them. So this is what you guys need to do. You guys need to make the scriptures one of the most vital things in your lives. A day without the scriptures is a day without food. So nurture your Spirits and read the scriptures every day! It's something that is so important. I know the scriptures have so much power. Use the amazing opportunity that you have and read, read, read, read, and read.

Anyways, this email is kind of lame, but I love you guys so much! You all are super incredible and I am so grateful to be part of my family! You all rock socks to the utmost degree of sock rocking. Just remember how important each and every one of you are to your Father in Heaven.

Love you guys!
Elder Hintze

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