Monday, March 17, 2014

Hola Familia

Okay, so this week was a little bit slow but a little bit awesome. 

-We did a lot of Family Nights and had a lot of fun connecting with the families. They're starting to trust us a lot and invite their friends and stuff, so things are picking up!

-My companion loves to talk to people so I quite enjoy it. We're starting to talk to a lot more people and teach a lot more lessons. 

-A member went to Argentina and bought us Peanut Butter, so I'm pretty much happy. Also, I found Nutella. And Oreos. 

-I also think about what I can write to my family during the week, but I always blank out right when I have to write it. So I really have no idea what to say right now. 

-My city is in the middle of nowhere but it's pretty big. So  sometimes I feel a little bit trapped. But all is well. 

-My new companion is super cool. We get along really well and he's really helping me with my portuguese. 

-We've been doing this "game" with families during Family Nights where they write down 5 of their dreams that they get to take with them on a journey. At different pit stops of the journey, they have to leave one dream behind. At the end of the journey, they're left with the dream that is most important to them. The end of the journey is Heaven, and if their dream is a worthy one, they can enter into Heaven. It really helps them reflect on what's imporant in life, and it's interesting to see that pretty much everyone that enters "Heaven" wrote down something about their family. It also helps us to see whats important to our investigators and what we need to do to teach them better. It's super fun, super cool, and super effective. Now, only imagine if superman did it. THen it would be extra super. 

I really forgot everything that happened this week, but it's just another week of missionary work. Well, I love you all so much! Keep on enduring to the end and remember who you are!

Elder Hintze

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  1. It's never "just another week of missionary work"! Please don't downplay the VIP labor of tens of thousands of missionaries who CHANGED lives around the globe last week...