Monday, May 11, 2015

Vocês são Profetas!

So this week was pretty great. I don't have much time so here's a highlight of my week. 

Monday. We did a family night, and everyone had to dress up funny and try to find the differences in the other people. It was super fun. 

Tuesday, we worked and it was fun. 

Wednesday, one of the assistants, Elder Dale, came and went on division with us. It was awesome and here's the commentary that I sent to President Parrela about the division:

"Nosso trabalhar aqui está indo bem. Elder Dale veio aqui para fazer uma divisão conosco esta semana. Com a ajuda dele, achamos uma família muita boa. Eu sonhei esta semana passada que eu e Elder Carlos de Souza batizamos uma família incompleto. O pai não era membro e a mulher dele era uma menos ativa e eles tinham uma filha. Quando Elder Dale chegou aqui, ele sentiu que deveríamos bater numa porta. Batemos e eles convidaram-nós a entrar. Entramos, conversamos, e descobrimos que a mulher era menos ativa e que eles tinha uma filha! Era exatamente o que eu tinha sonhado. Ensinamos e eles estavam um pouco resistente mas gostaram da mensagem. Convidaram-nós para voltar. O único problema é que a mãe dele é uma pastora da igreja quadrangular. Fizemos amizade com ela e ela nós respeita, e vai ser muito interessante ensinar eles. Vamos levar o bispo para ensinar conosco."

Google Translation  "Our work here is going well. Elder Dale came here to do a split with us this week. With his help , we find a lot of good family. I dreamed this last week I and Elder Carlos de Souza baptized one incomplete family. Her father was not a member and his wife was a less active and they had a daughter. When Elder Dale came here , he felt he should knock on a door . we knocked and they invited us in. we walked , talked , and found that the woman was less active and they had a daughter ! it was exactly what I had dreamed . we teach and they were a little tough but liked the message. they invited us to come back . the only problem is that his mother is a pastor of the foursquare church. we made friends with her and she respects us and will be very interesting to teach them. we will take the bishop to teach us. "
On Thursday, Elder Dale went back to Santa Maria, and we worked the rest of the afternoon. 

On Friday, we also worked. 

On Saturday, there was the Mother's Day Party at the Church. We stayed and help set up everything. It was awesome, and we stayed there, serving hot dogs and appetizers to everyone, occasionally secretly eating them in the kitchen. 

On Sunday, I talked to THE WORLDS GREATEST MOM EVER. I love you so much mom! I'm so grateful that the Lord let me be born into your family so that I could learn from you and be taught all of your wisely wise wisdom. You're amazing, beautiful, fantastically great, and there is no one in the world like you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Well, that was my week! Next week, I'll have more time!

Love ya'll!!!!

Elder Hintze

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