Monday, May 4, 2015

Yo Soy Loco por El Frio


So my week was super awesome. The baptism of Thalia was great. Her mom was crying of joy and it was such a spiritual experience. Now were going to work really close with her mom who's already been attending church for weeks, but just needs to go to Peru and get some documents to be able to get married and then be baptized! 

Baptism of Thalia

So at the baptism, we had a really interesting experience. Winter is arriving and so it's getting pretty cold. We went to turn on the water heater in the church, and it was out of gas, so the water wasn't going to be hot. So we started filling up the baptismal font, and then we got a big pot and started boiling water in the kitchen to pour into the font. Well, it ended up not heating up the water, and the water was freezing cold. My companion, Elder Carlos de Souza, baptized Thalia. He said when they got into the water, it was so cold that neither of them could move, but when he started saying the baptismal prayer, the water suddenly got warm. Neither him or Thalia were shivering or feeling cold. It was such a tender mercy of the Lord. Instead of just giving up when the water heater didn't work, we did all the we could to heat up the water. But when it didn't work, we continued with faith, and the Lord did his part. If we do all we can and show the Lord that we're willing to make miracles happen, he will make the miracle happen. 
Best Family EVER!!!

This week, we also had the chance to run into Mariana. She had a baptismal date here a couple months ago, but she fought with her niece (who was also going to be baptised) and neither of them ended up getting baptised. Well, Mariana said that she was trying to say sorry to her niece and that she wanted to go to church and get baptised! She said she gave up the first time because, after fighting with her niece, she thought that nobody would support her in going to church, and she would become inactive. But we talked to her and she's inviting us to teach her and her friends! So it will be great. 

This week, on Thursday, we did an activity called "A Noite do Acampamento Americano" (American Camping Night). We had a competition to see who could put up the tents faster. We made a huge fire and we made s´mores (and yes, I magically found marshmallows in the middle-of-nowhere-Brazil). And we cooked hot dogs. And now every single member of my ward is obsessed with s´mores. It was fun and it was a great experience. 


This week was awesome, and I'm pumped for the cold. I'm also grateful for my amazing mother who I absolutely adore. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

I hope your week is better than the happiness of a child making the first jump on a new trampoline. 

I love you all!

Elder Hintze

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