Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

So this is gonna be super short but I just wanted to leave you with a cool story that I heard this week at Stake Conference. So the temple president and his wife of the Porto Alegre Temple came to Uruguaiana. They're Americans, and his wife doesn't speak Portuguese super well, but she talked and she told a really cool story that I want to tell you. She told us about her little grandson who went to Disney Land for the first time with his family. When he got there, he grabbed the map and started studying it and sat down. He studied the map for a good 30 minutes while his family waited in line. After a while, he looked up at his mom and said "Mom, if Disney Land is the happiest place on earth, then where is the temple?"

I loved this story a whole lot, because it's so true! Disney Land is just another worldly attraction full of temporary happiness. But the temple is the place where we can really be sealed with our families forever and that's where the true happiness is. We all need to make the temple our goal because, we may be experiencing temporary happiness right now in our lives, but in eternity, the real happiness will come as we have our eternal families. I love the temple, and I love my eternal family!!!!

But this week was super simple. Nothing out of the normal happened. We worked hard, taught a lot, felt the spirit, and had some fun. I did go on a division with Elder Marin, from Paraguay. He speaks Guarani, the language of the Indians there, and I got to practice my Guarani. I was his District Leader in Santa Maria and now he's here in Uruguaiana with me, so it's cool to be able to serve with him again. 

But this was my week! I love this chance that I have to be serving a mission for the Lord! It is really a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I'm grateful that the Lord gives his children such a great privilege to be able to serve a mission. 

I love you all so much, and I hope you all have an amazing week!!!

I love you all!


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