Monday, November 3, 2014


Well, hello people! How's it goinnnnn? So my week was quite the experience. 

Tuesday, after district meeting, we went to lunch on the other side of the city. And then the Zone leaders called and said they needed our help, so we walked back to the other side of the city to help them out and give them some materials. And then we walked back to the our side of the city, and by the time we got there, it was already pretty late. So it was a day full of walking and more walking. And it was goodness. But hey, walking ain't that bad. 

Wednesday, after lunch we met up with all the young men in the ward and went and visited some of the inactive youth all day. Afterwards, we all met up in the chapel and ate hamburgers. It was pretty delicious. 

Thursday, we got a call that Elder McArthur, one of our Zone Leaders had entered the emergency room because he was super sick. It was kind of scary so we said a prayer for him. Then, that night did another activity at the church and it was super sweet. Some skateboarders saw that the church gate was open and started skate boarding in the church parking lot during the activity. We didn't know, but one of the young men from the ward noticed and went out to talk to them. It ended up that everyone of them came in and participated in the activity and the message that we left. And they all liked it! It was super cool to see the young men in this ward reaching out to help the others. 

Friday, we didn't have lunch with a member, so we went down town to eat at a restaurant, but before lunch, we decided to visit Elder McArthur in the hospital. We bought him a little key chain thing, and then showed up at the hospital. Elder Nascimento, his companion, had stayed the whole night in the hospital without sleeping, so I offered to stay in his spot so that he could go home and sleep but he said no and that he was fine. As we were leaving, one of the members from the ward was outside and she was kind of sassy and told me to go back in there and make Elder Nascimento go home and sleep. So that's just what I did. And so I left my companion with Elder McArthur and went back with Elder Nascimento. I stayed with Elder Nascimento until Saturday morning REALLY early and then I went to stay with Elder McArthur in the hospital until Saturday night. So it was crazy. They thought he had some sort of rat virus but now he's better. He just can't leave his house. He had special permission to leave just to write emails to his family but then he has to rest all day at his house. So I'm going back to his house with him today so that Elder Nascimento can do his things  with Elder Mamani, my companion. It was crazy.

Sunday, we ate lunch at an investigators house after church. So this investigator is named Eliana and she is the mother of one of the most active youth in the ward. He's the only member in his family and he is awesome. But they found a box of kittens on the train tracks but Eliana ran and saved the kittens before they were hit by the train. Now she's raising a bunch of cats to give out but she's keeping one. And she decided she wants to name it "Hintze". So yep. There is a Brazilian cat named after me. 

Because Sunday was a special holiday where people visit the graves of their ancestors, after lunch, we went to the cemetery with some members and set up a table with materials about the plan of salvation. We sent all the youth into the cemetery with pass-along-cards, and they lead everyone to the table outside, and we talked to anyone who wanted to talk to us. We stayed there the whole day and talked to a lot of people. It was really cool to see people with soften hearts come to learn more about how they could be with their families forever. It was such an experience to share the gospel, something that I know is true, with people who need to know! It is amazing and I am so grateful for it!

I love this gospel so much! It is amazing and so true. Really, we can return to live with our families for eternity! We just need to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we can. I am so grateful for the blessings of the temple, and that I have an eternal family. I love you all so much! CHOOSE THE RIGHT! It's the best thing you can do! Jesus Christ loves you all so much! I know it! I feel it every day!

Have a fantastically wonderful week of awesomeness and cool stuff. 


Elder Hintze

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