Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello! So transfers happened this week. Annnddddd, I'll be staying here with Elder Mamani one more transfer! And Elder Pereira, one of my favorite companions, will be finishing his mission here in Alegrete too, so it'll be more flippin' sweet than acrobatic lollipops. 

Alright so my week. 

So after emailing last week, I spent my whole p-day with Elder McArthur at his house because he couldn't leave because of his sickness. It was pretty fun, actually. We watched church movies and talked about life in the confusing language of Portuginglish. He's all good now, but it was quite funny because when he got sick, the little hospital here in Alegrete gave an emergency training on how to treat Ebola because everyone thought he had Ebola. It was funny, because everyone thinks America is dying of Ebola. But I believe that that's not the case. 

Tuesday, we had district meeting, and I gave a training on why we need to have love. I gave everyone in my district a notebook paper and we all wrote our names on top. Then we passed it to the next person, and everyone wrote one thing that they loved about that person. At the end, we all read really uplifting things that people love about us. It was cool to see how everyone felt loved. Really, we can do everything the Lord wants us to do, but if we don't have love, it's not valid. Love is so crucial and so important. This week, I want you all to try showing your love to someone through an act of service or simply through a conversation. It will make their week, and your week. I promise.  

Wednesday, we stopped by Elder McArthur's house to see if he was better or needed anything. While we were talking to him and his companion, my crazy companion (and yes, he is very crazy) snuck off because he decided that he wanted to take a shower. So he randomly started taking a shower at their house. We ended up waiting a bit and he finally left. Well, while he was in the bathroom, he had decided that his hair was too big, and he, being crazy, decided to cut his hair by himself. He left the bathroom with a bunch of holes in his hair and the worst haircut you could ever have seen. So I borrowed a razor and scissors and did what I could do save the poor Peruvian. 

Thursday, was a talent show for the ward. It was flippin' sweet. The young men played and sang on guitar. The little kids played the Brazilian equivalent of "duck, duck, goose" as their presentation, and it was the most darling thing ever. I played and sang "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson, and then I played Piano while another missionary sang "Eu Quero Ser Como Cristo" (I'm Trying to be Like Jesus). It was super dandy. And then we ate delicious hot dogs. 

Friday, there was gonna be a wedding, so we woke up early and went to the other chapel on the other side of the city to help set everything up. We spent the whole day at the church setting up, and then when the wedding started, we greeted people and served soda and cake. It was sweet. The wedding was an awesome experience because it's a less-active woman who is marrying her husband who isn't a member but is getting baptized next week. It was cool to see the unity and the happiness of the whole family after their wedding. They were really a family now, and now they are preparing to go to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. What an amazing thing! God loves us so much that he has provided a way for us to live with our families for all eternity! How amazing! I'm so grateful for my family and temple ordinances that allow us to live eternally with our loved ones!

Saturday, was a "Helping Hands" service project at the church. It was an "Open Chapel" where a lot of businesses from the community presented information about their business. There were Barbers cutting hair for free, banks with completions to win t-shirts, blood donations, and other things like that. Us missionaries prepared one of the rooms with materials from the church to explain what the church has to offer, from missionary work, to the primary, to the relief society, to the youth programs, we talked all about everything and it was super awesome. We ran into a lady who speaks English who goes to Indiana every year to talk about cancer. It was kind of cool. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of people and train the members on how to talk to people and be better missionaries. It was quite a blast. Then, that night, I taught a piano class FULL of non-members, and one of them showed up at the church on Sunday! His name is Jorge and he has a huge interest in learning piano, and he shows up at the church every time it's open so that he can practice. And then he showed up at church, and LOVED it. It was awesome! We're gonna start working with him a lot more. He's awesome. 

Sunday was a relaxing day because my companion got sick, and then at night we visited a less active member who wants us to teach her son. It was cool and her son was so excited to get a new, hard-capped Book of Mormon. It was sweet. 

Well, this was my week. It was full of crazy adventures and pure awesomeness. I was also studying in the Book of Ether, chapter 12 this week, and I learned a whole lot about faith. I recommend that all of you read that chapter! I have very little time, so I'll tell ya'll what I learned next week, but just know that I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week full of awesomeness.



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