Monday, November 17, 2014


Well hello people. This will be short, like strawberry cake, but my week was quite the adventures. 

On Monday, we went to a family night on the other side of the city with the Zone Leaders, and I left a message about feeling the Spirit. I took my tie off and put it around the eyes of one of the people and then I clapped rocks together and then I clapped sticks together. Everyone had to follow the sound of the sticks, but if they didn't focus, it was hard to notice the difference between the rocks and the sticks. I taught that sometimes, we have to focus a lot in order to hear the Spirit. And we need to be diligent and faithful to be able to have the Spirit with us. 

This week, we were searching an address that we got when we made contacts at the cemetery. We found a house with 2 guys named Mauro and Jefferson. When we got there, nobody was at home, but as we were leaving a guy walked us behind us. We asked him if he knew Jefferson or Mauro and he was like "Yeah. Come with me." So we started following him. We ended up in a field in the middle of nowhere, filled with horses. There was some sort of rock formation and some guys sitting on it. The mysterious man pointed to them but said nothing. We thanked him and went over and started talking to them. They were some cool guys and we started teaching them about the Restoration. In the middle of the lesson, Jefferson put his hand into his pocket and pulled out some green powder, wrapped up in a plastic bag. Then we realized...."oh my gosh. It's marijuana.". He rolled up a cigarette and started smoking in the middle of the lesson. It was crazy! Then, I forget what happened, but he suddenly disappeared, and then some other guy appeared and started listening to the lesson. I wanted to leave, but my companion didn't so I just let him teach. The other new guy who just showed up started speaking in Spanish to my companion and my companion would respond in Portuguese. But we later found out that this guy was having some serious problems and that he was really looking for a way to solve his problems. He was so happy that we had shown up in the middle of that crazy field because he had been searching for answers and actually had a question about the Book of Mormon. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and bore powerful testimony of its truthfulness. He felt the Spirit, I know it. We were able to help him, and we grabbed his number to call him so that we could mark an appointment later. It was cool to see that what was probably the strangest lesson I ever taught, was still a lesson accompanied by the Spirit to testify to one of God's children that he loves them. 

I have a crazy thing called "Hiperlordose Lombar" In English it's called "Lumbar Lordosis"  I'm BACKMAN. It's like BATMAN without the karate.

So my week was a little crazy, but it was awesome. I had some great experiences, and I'm so grateful for the things that I'm learning. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! God loves each and every one of his children. Including you! I love you all so much and hope that you have amazing week!

Elder Hintze

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