Monday, October 27, 2014

I Miss the Northern Hemisphere

So October is getting hot. And Brazilian heat is horrible. My goodness. 

So this week was kind of slow because I had horrible allergies at the beginning of the week, that I couldn't be outside. So I ate a whole bunch of lemons and oranges and got better. Thank you mother nature. I also used a whole load of oils, so thank you my real mother, too. 

Alright. So my week. 

-Tuesday, I had horrible alergies, but we were going to do a family night at the bishop's son's house. So I put a scarf around my face to protect from all the crazy dust and walked an hour to his house. There's some news hear about ebola and everybody thinks that the US is in a zombie apocalypse or something, so I imagine that it was scary to see a sick american walking down the street with a scarf to cover his face. But we were able to arrive at the house without any problems. We taught an awesome lesson to his family. Two people that we are teaching also went, and we were able to teach them the importance of being an "uncommon person". As members of the Church, we are uncommon. Let's face it. We're not normal. Sometimes we need to stand up for what we believe in, and sometimes the right thing is not the cool thing. It reminded me of how when I played football and basketball with my friends, I didn't let them say bad words or talk about bad things. Yeah, it wasn't always easy to tell them to stop, but it was always worth it. We need to be uncommon!

-On Thursday, we had another activity at the church, and it was super fun. We did a little play. We told the story of Samson and Delilah, and then we told the story about what happened to Samsons cut hair afterwards. It was found thousands of years later by scientists and they started using it as a wig and got really strong. It was super funny and everybody loved it. Then we talked about the importance of helping our friends to find true happiness through the gospel. It was a fun activity and everybody liked it! Then we ate crackers. 

Me and my companion

-Saturday, I taught an English class, and then a Piano class afterwards, and a whole bunch of non-members were there, and it was awesome. This next week, we're gonna see if we can bring more people to the classes. 

-A brand new family from Uruguaiana moved into the ward. They are super awesome and super strong in the church, so they're going to help this ward out, a lot. And they know a lot of the families that I knew when I was in Uruguaiana, so it was cool to talk about the people that I loved with them. 

-Sunday, we found a super awesome family that already want to be baptized! So we marked them to be baptized on the 15th of November. I'll let you know more about them next week. They are AWESOME! And at church, my companion was able to recieve his Patriarchal Blessing, because there wasn't a patriarch in his Stake in Peru, but here theres a patriarch. It was pretty cool to see his face afterwards. He was so happy! It was cool. 

Well, I am really grateful that I'm here on a mission. I'm so grateful that I can serve these people who don't know about the Gospel or how to have true happiness. I am also so grateful that I was born into a family that has this happiness! I love you all so much and I hope you have a week full of awesomeness. 


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