Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello Folks!!!

So this week was a blast. It was super duper awesome. So I'll start:

Tuesday was Zone Conference, so we went to a small city on the border of Uruguay called Quarai. There were a lot of missionaries that I knew there, so it was a blast. But the training was even better. We learned a lot about how to be better missionaries in general and I realized that I've got a lot of things to change.
I'm working on it! Then I had an interview with President Parrela, and might I say, my mission President is the best mission President ever. I really love him and I'm so grateful I was called to the Brazil Santa Maria Mission to learn from him!
Wednesday, we called the Relief Society President and asked if she and her husband (the old bishop) could visit Odilon and Sônia with us. They agreed and we went and taught them about the Restoration. It was really awesome because Odilon really hit it off with Cesar (the old bishop), and Sônia and Maria (the pres of the RS) already were having such a strong relationship. The message was really spiritual and they agreed to read the Book of Mormon. But all because of the presence of the members, they were able to make strong relationships within the church, and feel the Spirit much much stronger. It was sweet.

We passed by in the house of Eliane this week. We're helping her to stop smoking in preparation for her baptism on the 12th of September. She is super awesome, and she's always trying to help people. The only problem is, that she helps everyone...on Sunday! So it's hard to take her to church! She reads the Book of Mormon like crazy, so I really hope everything works out! Her son, Guilheirme, is ready to be baptized the same day too, so it'll be sweeeeeeet!
Friday, I discovered how to make ice cream.
Sunday, there was a huge festeval in one of the parks in the city with 3,000+ people there. So Me and my companion went there with the Zone Leaders and with contacted everyone and gave out Liahonas. It was super cool. There was a band playing and there were a ton of people everyone, so I said to one of the Zone Leaders, "Do you think they'd let us make an anouncement on stage about the church?" He said he had no clue, so we decided to go up and ask. I didn't think they would let us, but they totally did! So him and I got on stage and anounced the Guitar, Piano, and English classes that we're teaching and also the hours of the church services and then I had the oportunity to bear my testimony to all of them. It was such a cool experience! My companion got it on video, so I'll see if I can send it. When we left the stage, everybody was coming up to us and asking about the classes, so I really hope this gives good fruits! 

                                             Video of the announcement in the park!
So this week I was studying in 4 Nephi and I found something really really cool. So it talks a lot about the Nephite Civilization after the apearance of Christ in the Americas. In verse 16 it says that they were the happiest people from the creation of the hand of God. I was thinking, what did they do to be so happy? Then I read in verse 12 about how they were obedient and kept the commandments of God. It's super simple to be happy then! Be obedient to the commandments of God! When we obey commandments, not only do we recieve the natural blessings that come with obedience, but we also recieve much more blessings directly from God. And when we don't keep the commandments, God doesn't punish us, but we just suffer the natural consequences of our actions. But when we keep the commandments, we experience the natural consequences of obedience PLUS other blessings directly from the hand of God. So. Be Happy. Keep the Commandments. (I'm putting that on a t-shirt)
I love you all so much! I really know that this church is true! You all rock!
Choose the right and don't do stupid stuff.

Elder Hintze

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