Monday, September 15, 2014

The Moon is Actually a Giant Space Turtle

HOWDY! So my week was a very interesting week! I have a lot of stuff to do this p-day so I'll try to write it fast!

So my birthday was flippin' sweet! My companion made me a pineapple cake and we made little hot dog things that they make in Brazil and it was delicious. 

Tuesday was District meeting and the Sisters AND the Elders both made me a cake too. So I got 3 cakes on my birthday. Yes, it rocked. 

This week, I went on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders and he came to our area. Before the exchange we stopped at the post office and guess what? I GOT A PACKAGE! It was full of American goodies and PEANUT BUTTER! THANK YOU SO MUCH! So Elder McArthur from Bountiful, Utah came and we had a little American Party with America Stuff. It was a party full of freedom, liberty, and awesomeness. But we had a really awesome experience together. We were walking and we saw a mansion. I had a feeling that we should have knocked at the door. But I was kind of intimidated so I told Elder McArthur "Challenge of the Week: Get a return appointment there." He just laughed and then I saw someone leave the mansion so I said "Too late, the challenge is mine to fulfill." So I ran over and started talking to a woman. I asked if she needed help with something that she was doing and she said no. Then I asked if she had ever talked with missionaries before. She said "No, and I don't want to.". Wow. So I kept talking to her and after awhile she asked me where I was from. I said "Oh, I'm from Washington DC"  She sort of flipped out and said "OH! I've been to Washington DC!". That was really a surprise to us because most people in Alegrete have never left the state of Rio Grande do Sul. We started talking about DC and the United States. It turns out that she has traveled all over North America. Then she told me "Of all the cities that I've been to, I love the people of Washington DC the most!". That made me feel good! So I told her "I like you a lot, so I'm going to give you a present. No TWO presents." I gave her to pamphlets and then she said "I like you guys a lot, too. Whenever you want to pass by, just knock and we can eat snacks and chat." She told us we could pass by whatever day in the afternoon and she would be at home. From "I don't want to talk to missionaries" to "Let's eat snacks and chat", all because she likes Washington DC. It was cool to see that the Lord put in the place that he needed me to help one of his dear children, and how the Spirit prompted me to do something! I'm so grateful for the direction of the Spirit! It's amazing!

That night, Elder McArthur got really sick and spent the whole night throwing up, so it was interesting. 

Friday, there was a Family History Activity. Every family that went prepared a poster of their family tree, and then we watched a video about family history. I was able to explain somethings about Family History showing stories from Ferdinand Hintze on FamilySearch and talking about how Daddy Bill was a genealogist. It was cool! 

Saturday, was Leticia's Baptism! It was awesome! I used the cake mix that I received in the package and made an American Cake for her. (SIDE NOTE: Don't let the Brazilian Relief Society eat American Pillsbury Cake. They freak out and corner you, asking for the recipe.) Before the baptism, things were really hectic. No one from the bishopric arrived. There were children running around the chapel screaming because of an activity from the other ward. People were running in and out. But after some major faith, the ward mission leader arrived in the name of the Bishopric and was able to preside at the baptism. It was such a spiritual experience, and you could see the change on Leticia´s face when she left the water. I'm so grateful that I was able to be part of this great change in her life! Really, I felt the Spirit so strong. Afterwards, I played a special hymn on the piano, and the Sisters sang to her. It was such a cool experience. 


After the baptism, everybody ran to the Stake Center for a Talent Show. It was super crazy cool and there are some secret hidden talents here in Alegrete that the world needs to know. There was a band that played that was super awesome. After they got off stage, I ran over to the room where they kept their instruments so I could "take a picture with them". I started talking to them and now they're going to come to the church this Saturday so that they can learn English to sing in English. It was cool!

But really! I'm so grateful to be a member of this church! It is the true church of Christ! 

I'm getting kicked out of the lan house, but I'll stop at another one a little bit later to finish sending the photos. 




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