Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Microwave Exploded

I'm kidding. Our microwave is in perfect tact and functioning quite well, actually. 

Well, my week was pretty sweet. A little bit slow because my companion is trunky and goes him in a month, but it was still a sweet week. 

So Tuesday was Zone Meeting. We had a cool training on reactivating the members who have potential to serve in the priesthood. It's called the Elders in Perspective program, and we're using 50% of our time doing this. Apparently, this Stake is the worst stake in all of Brazil. The frequency of the entire stake is less than the frequency of our ward back home (It's about 250-275 people). So we have some work to do. 

We went a painted a fence for an inactive family this week. It was sort of cool, but then we learned that this family left the church to build their own church. So I took a snapshot of their church in construction. It's super weird. After having received a testimony of the truth, and serving in the church for many years, why would anybody leave? It's incredible how many people leave the true Church of Jesus Christ for simple things. This guy just wanted more money, so he's building a church. Weird. 

Wednesday, we walked from one end of the area to the other the entire day, and all of our appointments fell through. We were pretty unmotivated but we decided to stop by at one more house at the end of the day. We went and knocked on the door of Odilon and Sonia, a couple that accepted the challenge to be baptized, but hadn't seen them in a while. When we knocked, Odilon answered and said that we wouldn't be able to enter that night, but that would could pass by the next day. So we went home, planned, and went to bed. Then we went back the next day, and the lesson was awesome. We taught about eternal families, and they loved it so much. It was such a spiritual lesson, and we were able to answer a lot of questions for them. Then, we invited Sonia to a Relief Society activity, and she said she wanted to go. We talked to the Relief Society President, and Saturday, she went by, and took Sonia to the activity. Apparently, it went really well! Maria, the President of the Relief Society, told us that Sonia said "Oh, I'm so happy to be a part of this new group of friends". Which is super awesome. It's crazy how happy I am that the members are really embracing this family. It's incredible the power that the members have to make the difference. 

Saturday, we did a family night at a recent converts house and we made tacos again. Nobody knows what tacos are, so they loved it, obviously. (Tacos are amazing). I think I'm gonna open a restaurant called "Taco Party" and it will be like a Cici's Pizza but with tacos and fajitas and amazing Mexican mixtures of awesomeness. 

Well this was my week! I am so grateful that I can be here to help so many people come closer to Christ. Christ really loves us, and if you want to feel that love, just read about Him! The scriptures are His words, and when we read them, we feel the Spirit, which is how we feel his love. In Moroni 8:16, we learn that "perfect love casteth out all fear". When we feel the Savior's love, all of our fears, all of our worries, will be cast out. But how can we get this perfect love? Verses 25-26 in the same chapter give you a little formula that you can apply to receive this perfect love of Christ. Go and read it, ponder on it, and then apply it to your life.

I love you all so much and I know this Church is true!

Rock on n' stuff, 

Elder Hintze

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