Monday, September 8, 2014


First off, thanks for all the birthday messages! My inbox was more full of emails than my stomach was full of cake. (I haven't eaten cake yet today, but just go with the joke.)

So my week was super duper awesome. 

The sisters gave us a reference of girl that lived in our area. We decided to pass by, and when we got there, she let us in. I was super surprised because SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE KATIE. Well, kind of. But still. We started teaching her, and we found out that she had had a baptism date set almost a year ago, but she didn't want to keep the commandments. But now, she has made some huge changes in her life and she's ready to be baptized. 

She's also talking to all of her friends. She's 17 and has a lot of friends in the church, so it was super awesome when she came to church because she was highly integrated. And then, she liked church so much that she bore her testimony in fast and testimony meeting! It was way cool! She's set to be baptized this Saturday, right before the Stake Talent Show, of which she has already prepared an act that she's going to perform. I don't know what happened, but the Lord knew it was my birthday, and blessed us with someone ELECT. It's AWESOME! I am so grateful for the Lord and his tender mercies and that I'm here to help his lost sheep. 

Eliane, who was preparing for her baptism this week too, didn't go to church, so she's gonna have to wait another week. I think it's better this way because now we can accompany her to see if she really stopped smoking. Her son, Guilherme, who's 19, would be baptized with her too, but he also, didn't go to church. But only because he suffered an accident playing soccer, and his back is super messed up and he can't move. So I can't really blame him for not going to church. But this week we're gonna work really hard with the so that they can be baptized on the 20th. They're super awesome and I really have learned to love them.

Well, my week was super simple, but super awesome. Today the Zone Leaders called and sang Happy Birthday in 3 languages (Portuguese, English, and Spanish.) But it lacked the family tradition of singing Happy Birthday in Danish. But I'm so grateful that I can be here in the mission field on my birthday. I'm so grateful for the things that I'm learning and the opportunity that I have to help out the people here in Brazil. It really is a blessing! 

I was teaching a piano class and then I let my companio teach while I went to search for hymn books. Well, the other elders of the other ward were having an activity with their ward, so they challenged me to a question battle, and I lost. The question was "How many pages are in the Bible?" So next time you need to know the number of pages in sacred religious text, don't ask me. 

Well, I love this work, and I love you all. You really are amazing, and I'm so grateful for all of you. It's amazing that we can be here on the earth to be a part of an eternal family. 

I love you all so much!

Elder Hintze

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