Monday, July 28, 2014

Vamos festejar

Olá família! 

so the "s" and "double-u" keys don't function on this computer so I have to copy and paste the "s" every from nouu on "uu" = "double-u" . so if there is an "s" or "double-u" missing, please don't get too sassy.  Okay:

-Monday, for pday a member invited us to their farm. It rocked. They had a ton of animals and she made us lunch out of stuff that she had on the farm. sim, foi maravilhoso.

Tuesday, Elder Gomes and I visited Luisa and her mom, Beatriz. Beatriz is catholic and never uuaned to hear the message that uue have. But she told us that she uuas praying and uuoke up 3 nights in a rouu uuith the feeling that she needed to hear our message. UUe started teaching here, and nouu, Beatriz and Luisa uuill be baptized on the 16 of August! It uuill be super cool. Uue also found a less active uuho is married to a super cool guy. Uue talked to him and nouu he uuants to get baptized! 

Uuednesday, it uuas raining a uuhole bunch, so nothing really happened. It uuas also super cold. Uue also had an activity at the church but nobody shouued up. 

Thursday, uuas really slouu too. It uuas raining, and it uuas a little hard to find people uuho uuould listen, so uue visited members. 

Friday, uue had another activity at the church but uue uuaited and uuaited, and nobody shouued up. so right uuhen uue uuere about to leave, a teenager uualked in. He told us that he uuas uualking by and had a feeling to enter. He started asking questions and uue started responding. It uuas super cool. But I couldn't tell if he uuas a member of another church and uuas just trying to get us uuith questions, or if he really uuas interested. But uue're going to visit him this uueek and uue'll see. 

saturday, I succesfully taught a german class at the church. 

sunday, there uuere 6 people at church. It's tough sometimes. Uue uuork throughout the uuek to bring people to church, and nobody comes. Uue put so much effort into something that uue knouu is true, and people don't do anything about it. It's frustrating at times, but uue keep on trying. 

so I love you all, so much! You all rock! I knouu the church is true. Don't take it for granted. 



Elder Hintze

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