Monday, February 9, 2015

You Could Make That With Just One Tie!


So this week was really awesome, like always. But first I want to congratulate Elder Josh Hamm and Sister Sydney Sperry for completing their missions! Congratulations! You guys are awesome.

So Monday was sweet. After completing all of our p-day responsibilities, we went home and slept. Oh, what a wonderful feeling. Then, that night, we went and visited some people. We had marked a family night at a members home, but when we got there, it didn't work out because the wife hadn't gotten home from work yet.

On Tuesday, we did a special zone meeting to start off the transfer. We sang "Called to Serve" and I can't express the power of a Zone of missionaries singing this song. Wow. It's amazing. The Sister Training Leaders gave a training about keeping commitments and helping our investigators to understand the importance of commitments. Afterwards, I gave a training about obedience, and my companion gave a training about really loving our investigators. It was a powerful meeting and we all felt the spirit very strongly.

On Wednesday, we visited a ton of people, and then we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader.

On Thursday, we visited some people, but mostly prepared for the mission tour on Friday. We had to organize the travel plans, and prepare the zone to travel to Alegrete. And then, that night, we had a baptism of a really awesome guy named Alex. They were married and got baptized that night. She was already a member and was returning to church, and Alex had been prepared to be baptized. It was amazing.

On Friday, we all went to Alegrete to see Presidente Mazzagardi, of the 70, and in the Presidency of the Brazil Area. He came and visited our mission, and wow, was it powerful. He gave us so many little tips to help us to be better missionaries, and he inspired us with amazing words. Holy moly, it was indescribable. One thing that he said that caught my attention was:
"When the tribulations and difficulties come, it's because the blessing are in reserve".
I thought a lot about what he said, and it is really awesome. It reminds me of a thing that mom taught me when we lived in Stoneleigh in Round Hill. I woke up one Sunday and didn't want to go to church. I wasn't sick, or anything, I just didn't feel like getting up. Mom came into my room and I told her that I didn't want to go and that I'd just stay in bed. She asked me why and I told her that "I wasn't feeling too well". She looked at me and told something that I have remembered my whole life. She said "Nick, there is always the most resistance before something good happens." I thought about that and decided to overcome the resistance of wanting to stay in bed, and I got up and went to church. Nothing extremely special happened at church that Sunday, but I learned an important lesson...We need to be stronger than the resistance. And we we do that, we qualify ourselves for the blessings that are in reserve.

Saturday and Sunday were normal days of searching for people. We're opening an area, so we're trying to find a bunch of new investigators.

Well this was my week. It was fun, and simple, but it was awesome. I love being a missionary and I love working hard.

I hope your week is cooler than polar bears surfing on ice.



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