Monday, August 11, 2014


Annndd the news of the transfer......I'm leaving the palmtreeless city of Palmtrees! I'm leaving Palmeira das Missões and I'm off to Alegrete. I'll be the District Leader, and my companion will be Elder Martins, my trainer. It's his last transfer so I'll be "killing him off"'. 

So this week was a little weak...(heh, get it? week...weak...heh, okay...)
All of our appointments fell through, so we decided to go knock doors. We started knocking doors, and after a good amount of time, we realized that we were in a new area of the city and that nobody lived there that's why nobody answered....But then we tried one last house just because, and guess what? Someone lived there! She was busy but she said we could come back, so it was cool. 

We got to teach Rafael again this week. It was super cool again. He had his Bible out and was questioning some of the stuff that we were teaching again and we just said, "You can throw all the evidences down that you're right, and we can throw all the evidences down that we're right. But the only way that you can know for yourself that the message that we share is true, is by saying a prayer and asking God himself if the Book of Mormon is true." And then he said "Well, what does the Book of Mormon have to offer that the Bible doesn't". I thought of a whole bunch of things, but none of them felt right to say, so I just said, "A testimony of the only true church of Jesus Christ." This hit him hard. It really touched him, and it really helped him understand our purpose there. We weren't there to discuss religion, we weren't there to talk about the weather and sip tea and crumpets, but we were there to show him the only true path to happiness. And now, he has a lot of desire to know about what we have to offer. It was really cool seeing the way that the Spirit led the discussion. The Spirit really does perform miracles. 

Well, now I'm leaving Palmeira, and although it wasn't my favorite area, I definitely learned a lot. I really learned to love my companion, Elder Gomes, and the other elders that lived with us. (Elder Penha from Recife, Brasil, and Elder Mejia from COLOMBIA) . It was really cool to make these bonds with them. But now I'm off to do the will of the Lord in Alegrete. It's gonna be sweeter than lollipops dipped in nutella. 

Well people, I know that the church is true! It really is. It's not really a church that we're part of, but the fold of the Lord. Other churches are just organizations that teach good stuff. But we are really the fold of the Good Shepard. 

Espero que tudo seja bom com vocês esta semana. 


Elder Hintze

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