Monday, January 19, 2015

Mde eruke juru ka.i!!!


Congratulations to my new baby cousin Adeline who was born in December! Woohoo!!!!! I didn't even know that Becky was pregnant and it's been a month since she's been born and I found out today! Kind of funny, but how awesome is that??? A NEW COUSIN! WOOT WOOT!!! But heads up, people. I still exist. 

Anywho...THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME! I'll write quickly.
So Monday, we went to the chapel and played volleyball. It was awesome but it was hot as anything, holy guacamole. Afterwards, we just went home and slept until p-day was over. It was a great p-day.
On Tuesday, in District Meeting, we talked about goals and how goals need to be part of our daily lives. A goal is when we make a commitment with ourselves, with plans to attain that commitment. In Preach My Gospel, it says that goals reflect the desires of our hearts. So when we live fulfilling goals, we live fulfilling the desires of our hearts, and this is when we can reach our potential. To be an effective goal, the plans need to be effective. An effective goal is
1. Measurable and can be measured by numbers
2. Specific
3. Associated with a specific date
4. Attainable
5. Wise (has celestial consequences)*

So everyone, listen up! This week, you're all going to make a goal, following this standard. Be neat and orderly as you write your goals. Put your goal in a place that you'll see it everyday. In every prayer, pray that Heavenly Father will help you to reach that goal. And remember, that your goal (and the measurable numbers associated with your goal) are accompanied daily, weekly, and monthly by yourself and someone of your choice. As you apply this specific standard of goal making, you'll be able to reach the desires of your hearts, and become the people that God wants you to be. Use your free agency to do this! It works, I know it!

After District Meeting, I went on a division with Elder Marin. Elde rMarin is from Paraguay and speaks fluent Guaraní, the language of the Indians there, (There's even a Book of Mormon in Guaraní!). He taught me some stuff, and now I'm practicing with him whenever I get the chance. It's AWESOME!!!!

On Wednesday, we taught an awesome English class! It went really well, but the day was kind of slow. 

On Thursday, we visited Maria Eduarda. Her mom had told us that she wouldn't be able to be baptized on the 24th. We decided to visit her and start her Personal Progress with her even though she wasn't baptized yet. We took one of the youth, Andrielli, with us. Shes 14 and she's already completed her Personal Progress! She just has to wait 4 more years to get her medallion! Andrielli was able to testify to Maria Eduarda and her mom the difference that Personal Progress made in her life. Because of Andrielli's testimony, Maria Eduarda's mom let her be baptized and she's going to get baptized this week!!!!!! What a miracle!!!! It was amazing. 

Friday was slow and rainy. 

Saturday, we bought a special cake as a surprise for the English class. We promised an amazing surprise to everyone that brought a friend, and a lot of people brought friends. It was awesome and amazing. 

SUNDAY WAS AWESOME!!!!! Sacrament Meeting was super spiritual and we were able to take 4 investigators to church. There was an amazing miracle with a less active but I'll have to tell you another time. Let's just say he hasn't been to church in 2 years. We visited him on Saturday and he said  he wouldn't be able to go to church. But on Sunday, he showed up!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!

Well, this was my week. I hope you all have a flippin' awesome week!!!!]


*A wise goal:

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