Monday, January 6, 2014

Awesome Week

Hello Fam! So this week was OTIMO! 

New Years Eve was super cool. We went to a members house for churrasco, like a Brazilian BBQ, but all the other people who came to the party brought guitars and musical instruments and accordions! So after I played guitar for a tad, the old men all got together and played classic Brazilian music on the guitars and accordions. It was super duper gnarly. I got a bunch of videos to show ya'll when I come home. 

Then, fireworks, all. night. long. On New Years Day, we went to another members house for another churrasco, and that was flippin' yummy. I loved it. 

Then the week was filled with awesome work. My companion doesn't really like to work unless he has to. Which is why I kept thinking the work was different. But then I went on an exchange with Elder Oliveira, another new missionary, so I was able to take the lead and remember what it was like to work again. It was super helpful because I brought that feeling back into my companionship and we've finally started getting somewhere. So this week, I had a feeling to visit these girls that had a baptismal date last October but never followed through. So we did, and we had an awesome visit. The Spirit was felt and these girls got really sincere in there questions. And then, they went to church on Sunday! Apparently they were infamous for never showing up to church when they said they would, but they came! It was awesome! So after Sacrament meeting, I challenged them to be baptized, and then we're gonna set a date this week. SO it's exciting. 

But the other AWESOME thing...In Brazil, everyones homes have gates around them, so you have to clap outside their house. So we went to visit some less actives, but nobody was home, so we went to clap outside this one random house. Well, this one lady came out and said, "Oh, Mormons! Come on in!" We were surpised, but we went on in, and it was awesome. We found out that she had led a life of drugs and crazy stuff in Porto Alegre, but she moved out here after some stuff happened. But then, when we clapped outside her house, she had been reading a Book of Mormon that she found! It was crazy. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then we invited her to be baptized, and she said yes! Then when we went back for a return appointment, she asked if she could say the prayer. Which never happens. And then she came to church and loved it. It rocked. So we're gonna set a date with her, too, this week. 

We also taught some other awesome lessons and had some awesome meetings with some less actives. But this week was awesome. I'm so happy that we're finally working. But this week was awesome, and it really showed me how when you put your trust in the Lord, he can really help you.

The language is coming along great. I don't understand everything, but I can speak and understand better. Thanks for all the prayers. I really love it out here. Anywho, I love you all so much! Keep on choosing the right!

Elder Hintze


  1. Reading this reminded me of my own conversion 18 years ago, after missionaries knocked at my door and asked me if I wanted to hear some "gospel truths".

  2. I love reading your blog Nick!! So happy you are having 'best week evers' ..... no surprize that you are an AWESOME missionary! Praying for you and sending you lots of love!